Welcome to ownsit! (It’s Owens just drop the e and add it!). I’m Anna Owens, a thirty plus year old mama from Melbourne.  So glad you have stopped by for a peek at my online hub. You’ll find a shop, with a jacket I’ve ethically designed and handmade right here in Melbourne – with the very talented Laura Blythman’s print. You’ll also find a personal blog, which is a mixed bag of real and relatable posts. If you love reading about real life, journeys of wanderlust, experiences as mama & baba and chats with rad people doing great things – then this site is for you.

Ownsit! was created in 2014 when I decided to record a travel journal of a holiday through Western Europe. Aside from this being a way to record memories to hand them down for generations to come, I wanted to document any special encounters I may have with my brother, Tom along the way. You see, he passed away in May, 2013 and had planned a trip through Europe prior to his death – so as a tribute to him, my husband and I decided to embark on the trip he had planned for himself. Writing that travel diary enhanced my ardour to write and so ownsit! was created.

From a Criminal Justice background, I found my calling in the area of Community Development, where my passion to connect and collaborate with others really came to fruition. I also work in partnerships education that allows me the opportunity to be in a room full of couples preparing for marriage, it’s basically oozing with love.  Then.. fate would have it – I was blessed with the opportunity to live out a childhood dream and create my very own textile design. It is 100% Australian Made (that makes me proud). If you are a fan of unique style, a colour lover or conscious about supporting locally made fashion, then this jacket is for you.

I’m a creativity enthusiast and I could lose days tinkering about. Above all my health and wellness is paramount and although I’ve travelled a bit, there is always more to see, right? My friends describe me as fun loving, self aware, creative and charismatic. Blushing right now but I hope you aren’t waiting for me to mention my deficiencies – you’ll need hours.

Whatever it is you do – own(s)it! and always add colour.

Anna.. x

P.S- Lets keep in touch on instagram: @ownsitbyanna facebook: ownsit


Photography by : Urban Safari