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Every girl loves being gifted flowers but what she loves more is getting the flowers delivered right to her hands, who doesn’t love a surprise right?


The Little Market Bunch (@thelittlemarketbunch) does just that – they deliver simple but gorgeous vintage style flowers at an affordable price right to you.


When we first came across this little flower business it was within it’s first six months of production. We had received a bright bunch of sunflowers divinely wrapped and paired with a scented candle from Laneway Candles, which is The Little Market Bunch’s little sister business. Within just a few months we watched the Little Market Bunches instagram following roar, proving that everyone loved their concept (and of course flowers) just as much as we did.


Not only are the flower and candle combinations super lovely so are the ladies behind the brand. We feel pretty lucky to chat with Kat, one half of the creative sister duo. At the time of our chat, Kat was battling a flu, busy expanding the business, doing markets, organising candles, bundling daily flower orders and deliveries and STILL managed to find the time to ever so kindly chat with us. Kat spoke about how it all started and let us in on a few Little Market Bunch secrets too, here is our chat..


Tell us a bit about The Little Market Bunch family?

The little market bunch started in March 2014 and basically came about by some day dreaming sisters wanting to change up their lives and do something not only that would make life more rewarding but something that would bring a smile to peoples faces on a daily basis. We had successful corporate careers in events marketing but had never really felt passionate about our professions and had come to a time in our lives when we wanted a change – and over a few wines ones night we came up with the simple concept that is the little market bunch. Originally from Sydney but now living in Melbourne, I started it here with help from afar from my sisters and its grown to include some other lovely people that are now part of our family too.


We have received your gorgeous creations on a couple of occasions and they put such a smile on our dial. What made you choose flowers and candles?

We chose flowers and candles because they are 2 products that are bound to put a smile on someones face. Every girl loves receiving flowers and with the added option of including a candle, we thought it would be a no brainer! And by having a different combination everyday it makes it fun for our followers and hopefully something they look forward to seeing everyday. Our price points were set because we wanted to make it affordable for people to send flowers again – often we’ve sent flowers in the past and its very hard to get a nice bunch for under $50 delivered. And yes our bunches are little, but we think they are pretty cute and more than enough to put a smile on someones dial!


Who is your market and how can people purchase your beautiful combinations?

Our market completely ranges! Originally we were targeting the younger, budget conscious, female demographic who love the idea of sending/flowers gifts, but the process/price turns them off. But now our demographic is much wider, with all ages purchasing and significantly more males as we like to think we take the decision making process away from them and help them out there! You can purchase on our website – all orders are processed securely online.


Each day you source fresh flowers and release a different bunch variation, what has been your most popular seller? 

It’s hard to say what our most popular seller is as most combinations do pretty well, but from a social media perspective I would say our colourful tulips combinations are the most loved.


Tell us about the candles, are these a part of the Little Market Bunch brand?

Market Lane candles were the original candle brand when we launched the products, however as they were made in Sydney it was hard to keep up with the demand so we formed a Melbourne based candle brand being Laneway Candles which are now part of the little market bunch brand.


What are your three favourite flowers and why? 

Dahlias- because they’re so crazy and colourful. Snapdragons- because they’re tall, colourful and long lasers. And I can’t really not say Peonies – quite simply because they’re pretty amazing!


It’s no secret we adore colour at OwnsIt! so what is your favourite colour and why?

Definitely a pink girl but in terms of flowers I love as much colour as possible!


Do you have any flower or candle secrets you can share with us?

Some flower secrets would be to trim the stems and change the water every few days as they will last twice as long. And candle secrets – always trim the wick if its getting long and black and reseal to save the scent.













The Little Market Bunch is the perfect celebration, romantic or appreciation gift or even just a surprise to send to your best buddy for no occasion at all. Why don’t you hop online and buy a bunch of fresh blooms bundled with either a Laneway candle, T2 tea or Black Pantry Marshmallows or purchase the blooms individually and make the day for that legend in you life.




We are pretty sure you’ll agree these gals are just the cutest. With their thinking caps clearly always on, they recently ventured into another little sister business called The Little Boxy Co (@thelittleboxyco). This cool concept takes the stress out of gift giving when you don’t know what to give that special someone. It’s simple and affordable just like the flower combos and has options available for everyone. Did we mention delivery is available Australia wide too? How’s that for winning.








Thanks Kat for chatting with us and for taking care of all our gift giving from here on in.. x

Web: The Little Market Bunch

(Pic credit: The Little Market Bunch Instagram with permission)

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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