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Mister Zimi is a powerhouse in women’s fashion, known for their comfortable and on trend attire. Many gals will have a wardrobe overflowing with the addictive colourful aesthetic and creative patterns from this recognised label. I was first introduced via a friend when the label had not long started out and there is no denying my colour palette went into overdrive with a brightly toned geometric shift dress. That was my first introduction with what was to become an intense Zimi love affair, exacerbated when the first Melbourne store opened in 2012.

In just eight years, this husband and wife team have built up Mister Zimi to be the icon that it is today and lucky for us girls, they create one incredible season after another. Everything about this brand is perfect – the light weight and relaxed materials, the lengths, sizing, patterns, colours and the affordable price.

What I loved most about the previous Poolside collection was that the twiggy tops were breastfeeding friendly, very hard to find fashionable outfits that are suitable to the nursing mother so hail to that, Mister Zimi. Did I mention the shoe collection? In love with the Gold Donna Heel and the Mushroom Short Fern – where have you been all my life?

Mister Zimi continues to make all the statements, not only on the streets but with it’s popular appearance at events and bridal parties too. The recently launched new Bohemia range is set to soar above the bench mark by grabbing all the the attention with ruffles, ruffles, ruffles.

The Marrakesh Gypsy dress had me from a mile away and once going in store to view with my own eyes, a close second was the Medina, Red Souk, Blue Souk, Zagora, Casablanca, Fes, Indigo, Africa and Zulu prints – what the heck – they are all superbly fabulous.

Aside from the amazing designs, one of the things that grabbed me most about this brand was the impeccable customer service. You only have to go in store to be greeted with just the right amount of bounce and no pushy, pushy you must buy this attitude – doesn’t that drive you mad when that happens?

Since having a baby, I’ve been in store a few times and the welcome is no different – the ladies have happily assisted with my child by welcoming her to a fun space on the floor, which allowed me to play dress ups. How’s that for A plus customer service.

For the time poor or those not close to a store, the online service is equally as impressive with artistically wrapped parcels arriving promptly and the bonus of free shipping – this package in the post is enough to brighten anyone’s day.

When making a purchase from Mister Zimi, the item is presented in a small canvas tote. I have collected more of these than I need but they make the perfect baby bag – who needs bulky leather nappy bags that some how lose everything inside of them, when you can recycle one of these perfectly sized canvas totes. Baby stuff aside, these totes also made me the perfect lunch box for work.

Mrs Zimi, whilst running an empire and being a busy mum to two little ones and despite her well established profile, kindly took the time to chat by taking us right back to where Mister Zimi all started. Here is our chat with Zoe..


Tell me about the birth of the Mister Zimi label?

It all started by accident really. Jimi and I knew that we wanted to live in Bali, but we didn’t know what it was that was going to take us there.

On one of the last holidays we went on before we moved here, I designed a leather jacket from scratch, it was unlike other jackets I had seen, and I was so happy with the result. When I took the jacket back to Melbourne, within a week I had 50 orders for it from friends and friends of friends. Three months later we went back had all the jackets made in a week, and took them back to Melbourne. It started from there, and six months later we moved to Bali to set up production for a few months, so I could do it on the side. That was eight years ago and we work on the business full time now. It’s come so far in such a short time we are still pinching ourselves and thinking how did this happen?


Where did the name Mister Zimi come from?  

It started with the first jacket I had made on a holiday 8 years ago, to find an excuse to move to Bali, neither of us had any fashion skills.. My husband, business manager and designer of all the prints, was affectionately known to our Balinese friends as Mr Jimi, and I was Mrs Zoe. Our first tailor got things a little muddled and delivered the jacket to our hotel wrapped in brown paper and hand written on it said.. MISTER ZIMI .. It stuck!


How would you describe the Mister Zimi style? 

Mister Zimi would be best described as an easy-going aesthetic, relaxed retro silhouettes mixed with bright, bold vivacious prints.

We focus on feeling relaxed in the style and fit of the clothes but feeling bold in the prints and colours. By designing our own prints, we aim to be diverse, ageless, trans-seasonal and not dictated by trends.


4) Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Creating patterns and prints that are inspired by exotic locations and cultures, each of our collections is carefully designed with 70s inspired garments in mind, including classic shift dresses, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, leather jackets and footwear.


Where can Mister Zimi be purchased?

We currently have five stores. Two in Melbourne, One in New South Wales and two in Bali, otherwise you can purchase all Mister Zimi items online at www.misterzimi.com

Shop Locations ~

Armadale: Kings Arcade, 974 High St, Armadale VIC

Albert Park: 65 Cardigan Place, Albert Park VIC

Newrybar Merchants: 19 Old Pacific Hwy, Newrybar NSW.

Bali Shop ‘Satu’ : Jl Kayu Aya No. 22 Seminyak

Bali Shop ‘Dua’ : Jl Kayu Jati No. 8x Seminyak


Do you have a favourite colour?

I don’t have one favourite colour, I love all colours, the brighter the better.


Because we love food and are always on the hunt for new recommendations, can you tell us your favourite eateries in Australia or Bali? 

In Bali, it would be Sea Circus, Watercress and Ku De Ta


Few would disagree, the story of Mister Zimi is pretty fabulous and deserving of where they are today. I don’t want to hold you up any longer because I know you’re busting to get shopping online and if you’re undecided like me on which Bohemia print you like best then one of each usually solves the problem. Thanks again for you time Mrs Zimi and we eagerly await the arrival of your next collection.. x

Images : Mister Zimi

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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