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Next State is the pinnacle of Digital Printing for Home and Apparel in Australia. A team of qualified creative’s that understand digital print manufacturing like no other. Based in Melbourne, Next State not only provide the best in digital print that is affordable, they offer an impeccable customer service. Like many in small business – the co founder’s took the plunge to open their own business and are visibly succeeding in their operations.

For us at ownsit! it was not only important to have our fabric printed locally and to support small business but to also feel the genuine connection as a valued customer. Through various conversations with people in the industry, time and time again, Next State came as the most highly recommended.

As a satisfied customer, it’s easy to see why. It was so comforting meeting with Next State for the first time – Chloe was open to sharing her knowledge and genuinely enthusiastic about our project, even as an unknown start up brand. It was like a pow wow session, which helped cement our ideas with design, costs and marketing. Now that is a remarkable way of truly embracing your customers.

Above this, the most important result is the quality of the digital printing. It’s one thing to have a beautiful textile design but if that is not translated to the highest of craftsmanship onto fabric, then there isn’t much point. Next State are definitely the masters at ensuring the ultimate in standards. One of the main comments the ownsit! fabric on our Jacket receives, is the quality of the printing – how well it took to the fabric and how vibrant the colours appear. We are beyond happy with it too!

The wonderful Chloe, kindly took time out of her busy schedule – balancing newborn mum life (with wee daughter, Maxine. My gosh – is that not the most adorable name EVER!) and work life – to chat with us..


Who is Chole that is behind Next State?

I’m one half of the founding duo; Geoff is the other half of Next State. I came from a textiles and manufacturing background and Geoff came from a marketing and web background so together we combined our skills to create Next State.


How did Next State come about?

I was working in textile and print production and saw a real opportunity to offer digital printing in Australia for a competitive price point. It wasn’t really something being offered for small volume production. Geoff really liked the idea and bought great direction to the business. We felt brave (or crazy) enough to go it on our own and open a manufacturing business. It’s becoming increasingly important for design-based brands to have custom print design and a unique identity in a competitive market.

Geoff and I spent about two years developing the idea and planning Next State. It took us a while to find the right technology partner to fulfil our needs for the printers and sustainability principles we wanted in our production process.


Who are the clever folk that are part of the Next State team?

We are currently a small team of four; Geoff is our General Manager and looks after all the day-to-day running of the business.

I’ve just had a baby so I really jump in there and do whatever needs to be done (which is always a million things in a small business) between baby sleeps and in the late evenings.

Fatima looks after our print and production, she has amazing experience running printers, we are in constant awe of her ability to deliver top quality printing on time.

Annie is our wonderful designer and general studio girl. She helps us get all the printed textiles out the door as well as doing the design work for customers who need specific patterns created or files prepared for print.


Next State is a cool name, how did it come about?

Business naming is so hard! We went through a process of writing down all the words and connections we want to associate with the business, such as being technology driven but approachable for a student or some one new to print. We also loved that we were only part of a creative process and that the printed textile has a “Next” stage to its life. There is so many “States” to a design process form concept to creation, printing, to product development we are just one of those. A creative director friend gave us some great advice, once we settled on a name wait at least 6 weeks to see if you still like it and it reflects your values.

Who are some of the favourites that Next State has printed fabric for?

We have so many amazing customers, we feel so lucky. Not only do we print for excellent brands in home and fashion, we get to work on some wonderful projects for great causes. We were thrilled to work with Obus to print tote bags to raise much-needed funds for neuroendocrine tumours. At the moment we have been printing for graduate students that have been accepted to show collections at fashion week, it is so exciting for them and it’s great to be part of it. We also recently worked with the Australian Centre of Contemporary Arts to produce prints as part of an exhibition experience.

Everyday the printers are printing off beautiful textile designs; we never get tiered of watching.

How do we get in touch regarding your services?

Visit our website to see what we do and give us a call or drop us a line

03 9429 5888


What is your favourite colour and why?

At the moment it is Pink, those really soft and creamy pink tones just make me feel warm inside. It will be different next month.


Can you tell us something fun we don’t know about Next State?

Geoff and I are married; our customers are usually really surprised when they find out. We work so well together and are able to have great divide in our home and work life.

It was definitely a daunting idea of going into business together; we’ve been surprised how well it does work for us. We have very different job rolls and don’t get caught up in each other’s business operations.


Love hearing food recommendations; can you share you three favourite eateries?

Mum’s house – because who doesn’t love a home cooked meal.

Fatto a Mano, Gertrude Street, Fitzroy – Best bakery, I’m a huge fan of baked goods and these guys have it going on.

South of Johnston, Oxford Street, Collingwood – My favourite café, has a warm atmosphere and excellent food.


How good was that read? What a clever business name! So cool to be seeing Next State’s printing on the runway of fashion week too AND it goes without saying for us, gotta love Chloe even more now because she is a P!NK gal.. YAY!!

For all digital printing Next State is the ONLY place to go. Thank you again for taking the time to chat with us.. x


Find Next State –

Web :

Instagram : nextstateprint

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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