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Although no introduction is needed, Laura Blythman is a renowned Melbourne based Designer, Artist, Illustrator and the ultimate Queen of colour and collage. With her popularity reach beyond the shores of our Aussie land, Laura’s creations are easily distinguished – oozing both vibrance and cheer.

To add to her innovative portfolio, Laura has been part of some incredible collaborations including Disney’s Finding Nemo, Fanta, Jimmy Cricket, Alchemy Produx, Spotlight, NGV, Rollie Nation and the list goes on before it hits tiny us at ownsit! There is no denying this gifted art boss is a woman in demand.

Like many of you, we at ownsit! are long time Laura Blythman fans. When the opportunity arose to hear her speak at The SuperCool’s Fitzroy emporium some years back, my colour loving buddies and I jumped at it. Laura treated us with insight into her eventful artistic career – Did you know she was once a designer for Hallmark cards?! Laura’s creative flair also represents as one half of the enemies yay duo – a collaborative range of artworks and products with her best friend, Pete Cromer.

Being an artist must be such a beautiful and peaceful way to enjoy life – expressing artist flair each day by doing what you love. If that also brings happiness to others, like Laura’s art does, then going to work must be pretty darn special.

Hear more from the ace lady herself. Enjoy our chat…


We all know who Laura Blythman is but how would you describe yourself? 
Hello! I would describe myself as… young at heart, a bit silly, many mistakes maker, clumsy thing breaker, hard worker, big hugger, caring, warm, cuddly mum, the best ever friend, massive snort laugher.

What is the artistic history of Laura Blythman?
I do think creativity has always been my destiny. I’ve always loved to draw, cut and paste, create.
Where I am now in my career is a sum of all the experience I’ve had. Hallmark cards, Typo, Wedding stationery, Kids fashion, countless collaborations and client commissions… I’ll keep evolving, and I am excited to see how the next 10 years of my career pan out.

What’s your favourite design that you have created and why?
Tough one! But generally it’s my most recent. SO I can definitely say I am in love with the Dream Reef artwork I made for you. I also LOVE all of my new original artworks and my experiments with resin over collage.

How do you describe your art and where do you draw inspiration?
I would describe my art as an exploration of dreams and daydreams,. Landscapes, flora, fauna, mood and majesty of imagined worlds are bought to life in technicolour. (I had help writing this. I have clever friends! 🙂

Dreamreef is the fabulous textile design created for the ownsit! jacket. Why the name dreamreef?
Dreamreef is dreamy, make believe, magical take on the beauty of a coral reef. Side note – I love snorkelling!

What is your favourite colour and why?
Pink and Peach and neon pink and neon peach. They are happiness.

Can you tell us something fun we don’t know about Laura?                                                                     Hmmmm, not really. These are pretty lame, but, I snort when I laugh, I once was a hairdressing apprentice, I listen to 2 or 3 audiobooks a week, ummm

Love hearing food recommendations; can you list your three favourite eateries?
I am not much of a foodie, but 3 of the best eating and wine times that I’ve had lately were – RiceQueen in Fitzroy, Joanie’s Baretto’s Aperitivo in Thornbury and I know it’s super basic, but I love going to Bimbos in Fitzroy for pizza and cheap rose’

Bet you love Laura even more now? Major fan girl over here too.

Out of interest we researched the meaning behind the name Laura. Amongst a whole page of wonderful accolades, the Urban Dictionary of Names describes the name as a person who is super crazy, hyper and happy. Everyone loves her. Laura’s are remarkable in their ability to see the larger picture right down to the smallest details.

Wow! How accurate is that? Hard to miss that happy smile and everyone just loves her incredible artwork!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Laura, we can’t wait to see what your next collaboration is – this is just a punt but insta stories may have given something away with shoes… Hope this is true! We feel so lucky to have a piece of you printed on the ownsit! brand… x


Laura’s socials are listed below, have a shop around and grab yourself some cool pieces. Then why not go and research your own name too, bit of fun for this Friday night 🙂

Instagram : laurablythman

Facebook : Laura Blythman . Artist + Designer

Web :

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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