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Chickpea Handmade is a collection of quirky, unique earrings, designed to bring a little fun and flare to your day.


Chole, is the #bosslady at Chickpea Handmade and she’s a really good egg. You know those people that enter your (virtual) life and it’s like ‘where ya been all my life?’. Well, thats Chole! A quirky bird – punny, clever, kind, talented and she just beams a real good dose of happiness. The icing on the cake is Chole’s love for colour.

Although her characteristics expand far beyond the five listed –  here’s a little explanation on why we think these attributes fit Chole..

CLEVER – You only need to read the answers to the questions below and you’ll quickly learn why she’s clever. Aside from being a mum and a wife, having a masters degree and working full time, juggling all the things. Chole’s clever creations are pretty darn spectacular – her flock of Aussie bird earrings take the worm (or is it cake?).


KIND – Oh my so kind! If you watch Chole’s insta stories she’s shopped every piece of handmade goodness there is. Such a big supporter of Aussie small biz. To add to her kindness, Chole donates a portion of her sales from each restock to a chosen charity. What a gal.


TALENTED – Just LOOK at the earrings Chole makes. Dear Lord.



PUNNY – You just have to read Chickpea Handmade’s Instagram posts to get what I mean. Chole really knows how to play on words, it’s a craft no text book can teach. It’s a bit of fun, it’s inviting and it’s a nice balance from a strict buy-all-my-things-sales-pitch.

HAPPY – Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Ahh Gee! Now you’ve got that song stuck in your head.. A-NNOY-ING, right? Anyway – as I was saying, Happy 🙂 Chole has one of those happy faces – she’s bright and bubbly and shares bits of her happy little life, including her son and husband aka dispatch manager or maybe he is the production manager.


So that’s our summary of the awesome bird that Chole is, here’s more from a chat we had with her..

Chole, you are the clever lady behind Chickpea – tell us a about yourself?

I’m a colour loving, car singing, unco-ordinated but enthusiastic ginger, who loves being creative and spending time with my gorgeous little family. When I’m not in the studio or with the fam, I’m at my day job as a neonatal nurse. Life is busy, but I love it!

Chickpea – cute brand name. What’s the meaning behind it?

With a name like Chole (pronounced Shoal, not Chloe) I knew I couldn’t use it in the biz name because it’s too tricky to say first go (Thanks for that, Mum! ????), so I had to get a bit creative. In India, a chickpea curry is called “Chole” but it’s pronounced “Cho-lee” so I figured – Chickpea Handmade – it’s a nod to my name, easy to say and pretty easy to remember! Win win.

What lead you to make earrings?

I was a paediatric nurse and found that wearing funky earrings was a great conversation starter with little people, and was a really effective way of connecting on the first meeting, and being able to build the basis of a trusting, therapeutic relationship, which is so important when working with kids. When I fell pregnant, I had a LOT of food cravings, but was too sick to eat any of it, so I decided to make them into earrings instead. The kids at work LOVED them and it all sort of went from there!

Amongst many of your beautiful creations, there are lots of birds? Why birds?

I was out walking with my Son when he was tiny and stopped to watch a tree full of Rainbow Lorikeets. They have always been one of my favourite birds and I thought “I should give that a crack as an earring!” So I went home and made them. They turned out really well, so I started thinking of what other birds I could do, and The Flock evolved from there!

What are your top sellers?

The Cockatoos, Galahs, Lorikeets and Kookaburras all sell really well. So do the Iced Vovos, Donuts and Avocados! Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that the new release sloths are going to give them all a run for their money! Pretty excited for those.

What is your favourite Chickpea earring? You can only pic one!!

I love the Lorikeets. They’re so bright and vibrant and fun to make. The colours are gorgeous and I can’t help but feel happy when I see them on my ears!

Where can we purchase Chickpea pieces?

At the moment, through my Etsy shop. We’re hoping to launch a website in the coming months, but for now, the Etsy shop will reopen on the 11th of Feb for a restock of all the popular designs as well as a few exciting newbies!

What is your favourite colour and why?

Green. I’ve always loved it. It’s so vibrant. Plus, being a Ginger – it’s totally my colour!

Because we love food, can you tell us your three favourite eateries?

Ooooooo that’s a tough one! I’m from Townsville originally, and my 2 favourite places to eat up there are Molly Malone’s for an epic crumbed steak, and T.U.B.E. for the best burgers in town! We’re in Newcastle now, and the best food I’ve had has been at Fratelli Roma – AH-MAY-ZING Italian food in Maitland! Mmmmm yum!


Don’t you just love how the name Chickpea handmade came about? One thing Chole forgot to mention is her hair – golly gosh – the most incredible lush ginger locks!!



Recently, we had the pleasure of working together on a collaboration. It was dreamy and enjoyable, we spoke about the idea way back and this year made it happen. The birds were exclusively designed in our onwsit! colours and literally flew out of the nest. Hope you were quick enough to pluck a pair.


Incase you missed out, Chickpea Handmade have their restock going live at 8pm tomorrow night (11/2/18) with a vast array of new designs. You’ll need to be quick because Chole’s restocks break the internet. Be sure to have an Etsy account too.

Seriously how friggin cute are these? Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us, Chole.. x

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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