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Fabric Bags - Free Shipping

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Fabric bags include various ownsit! designs.

Fabric packs are a great way to pass the time, call for calm and to give you a few minutes break from the kids to finish that hot cup of coffee.

They are ideal for kids and adults too. Some of the wonderful creations we’ve seen come to life from our fabric packs are :

✂️ Dolls clothes

✂️ Doll House curtains/bedding

✂️ Reusable sanitary pads

✂️ Quilting / Patch work

✂️ Collage Artwork

✂️ Face + Eye Masks

✂️ Clutches + Bags + Cases

✂️ Craft + Card Making

✂️ Hair Accessorise

✂️ Jewellery

✂️ Bunting + Party products

Although ownsit! is delighted to see what you can create and wants your making mind to wonder. Please ensure these fabric bags are for personal use only.

Size and design in each pack differs slightly - they are small pieces of fabric varying in sizes from longer strips to A4 paper size. Posted in a 500g satchel. 

All prices are inclusive of 10% GST