Mixed Pastel Block Hoops
Mixed Pastel Block Hoops

Mixed Pastel Block Hoops

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ownsit! x Noosh Jewellery

These Noosh Jewellery Block Hoops are totally rad and will 100% add a pop of colour and joy to your accessory collection and match perfectly with our new Pastel Dreams Jacket & Accessories.

The details:

- The Block's are resign and digitally designed in the Noosh Jewellery studio.

- Noosh Jewellery use PLA, an eco-friendly, sustainable polymer, derived from corn starch. It is very durable, strong and recyclable. 

- The blocks are 1cm x 1cm x 1cm, threaded onto a silver plated Hoop which is 5cm in diameter. The hoops are beautiful and sturdy, with a small loop at one end and a hinged joint, with a straight wire at the other end which makes for easy closing.

- Each hoop comes with 8 blocks on each, so 16 blocks per pair. The hoops, with the blocks, weigh approximately 11 grams per earring.

Colours: Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Lemon & Mint on a silver hoop.

Please note earrings are available in limited quantities 

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