Always In Bloom Tee

Always In Bloom Tee

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Our International Women's Day Tee is Here..

ALWAYS IN BLOOM recognises that we are always growing. We don't always have to be in blossom - even on our days that aren't so rosey, we are still in bloom because that's how we grow!

As women - there are expectations placed on us by society and those we put on ourselves. Life can be a challenge. Motherhood can be too. We have wilted days and we have flourishing ones too. But remember to stand tall and water your harvest, because we are always in bloom.

    • Orange tee with white text. (Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm. Spirituality orange effects - creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, harmony, passion, freedom, intuition, and expression of emotions.
    • Designed and printed in Melbourne 
    • 100% Cotton
    • This tee is a unisex regular crew neck fit. Available up to 4XL. Refer to yellow and purple Females to the Front Tee for 5XL sizing.
    • 10% of tee sales donated to Pretty Foundation - Empowering girls with the perspective, skills and support to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others. 
    • It can be difficult to represent the exact colour due to different computer monitor

*Tees are a limited edition in stock product ready to ship 

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