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The Nursery

I never imagined I’d have a fancy nursery for my baby. We weren’t all that hung up on it as we planned for our baby’s cot to be in our room for at least the first six months – Is that the wrong thing to do? Is there even a right time that a child should be moved to their own room?

For us, this decision was an easy one because we wanted to be close to our baby. Given our home is double storey with the main as the only downstairs bedroom, it just wouldn’t have feel right for our tiny beating heart to sleep upstairs alone.

In saying this, a bassinet is really the only thing we need so after researching the million that there are, we went with the Boori universal squared bassinet with a perforated, washable mesh fabric and lockable castors in a raw wood colour. Did I mention the bonus is that it’s on wheels? Perfect for all those nights we will be lapping the house in an attempt to get our baby to sleep. That probably isn’t the right thing to do either but whatever works in those wee hours.

I plodded along for the first six months of my pregnancy just enjoying the incredible experience of growing a tiny human inside of me and hadn’t folded to the pressure of what seemed to be so important – The Nursery.

I recall being asked daily if I’d finished the nursery yet? As if there was an expectation it would have been completed in the first trimester because I am apparently that organised. I also recall being asked what it looked like and the certainty that it would be all bright and colourful and rightly so.

In my third trimester, perhaps I folded to the expectation and got caught up in the whirlwind that is, well – planning The Nursery. There seems to be a market with as big of a following as weddings these days or maybe I have only just caught up given this is my first time entering motherhood. Anyhow, I think the real truth is that instagram broke me, my trail of thought started to shift from fashion and food pages to baby pages. Before I knew it I was checking out more shopping carts full of nursery decor than I was supermarket trolleys.

We decided not to find out the gender of our baby. I was certain up until 40 weeks that we were having a boy and in the last week for whatever reason I just knew it was going to be a girl.

Because of this, the only thing that was certain about this nursery was that it would be gender neutral. Initially going with the monochrome theme before getting hooked on copper and blush colours and Scandanavian designs. My path was now set with a Safari theme nursery in the making.

It all started with a copper clay and timber ball garland from Projekt Frankie and a Savannah contemporary teepee from My little Teepee and the rest of the creative locally made goodness just followed. The main furniture items including the cot, change table and chest of draws came from Ikea and were very affordable with a minimalist look and the perfect raw wood colour.

I must admit, it’s the hand crafted items that really make me feel warm and fuzzy given the hours these creative mamas put into each item.

View the gallery for a full view of my girl, Raffaella’s nursery.


Full list of nursery items below:

Cot : Sniglar cot with Vyssa Vackert mattress from Ikea (@ikea_australia)

Change table : Sniglar change table from Ikea (@ikea_australia)

Chest of 3 draws : Tarva from Ikea (@ikea_australia)

Feeding Chair : Asta Adult Chair from Mocka (@mockaaustralia)

Teepee : Savannah contemporary teepee from My Little Teepee (@my_little_teepee)

Clothing Rack : Children’s clothing rack from Peachy Baby (@peachybaby_ )

House Blocks : House blocks plain with white colour choice (@peachybaby_ )

Ball Garland : Copper clay & timber ball garland from Projekt Frankie (@projekt_frankie)

Oottoman : Knitted ottoman in natural from Kmart (@kmartaus)

Faux Fur : Faux fur rug from Kmart (@kmartaus)

Giraffe : Stuffed toy giraffe from kmart (@kmartaus)

Spot cushion : Natural or blush colour with gold foil spot cushion from kmart (@kmartaus)

Shaggy cushion : Zsa Zsa Faux fur natural colour cushion from kmart (@kmartaus)

Deer Cushion : Deer print cushion from kmart (@kmartaus)

Knot Cushion : Classic knot cushion  in neutral from My Little Echo (@my_littleecho)

Candy Cushion : Gold candy cushion from Sack Me (@sackme)

Head dress : Kids feather headress in white from House of Lavargo (@house_of_lavargo)

Floor rug : Circle floor rug from Typo (@typoshop)

Blankets: Pink or white gold spot blankets from Jolie Petite Chose (@joliepetitecjose_aus)

Bead necklace : Little Frankie bead necklace from Projekt Frankie (@projekt_frankie)

Bird Cage : Wooden birdacge from Provincial (@provincialhomeliving)

Night Light : Capital R night light from The Bright Ones (@thebrightones)

Sleep Eyes : Sleepy eyes wall decor in copper glitter from Pretty In Pine (

Wooden Camera : Cotton pixie toy camera from The Twig Co (@thetwigco)

Ceramic Ice Cream : Ceramic ice cream ornament in copper from Typo (@typoshop)

Storage Bag : Lost & Found storage bag by Lisa T for Target lisa (@i_am_lisat) (@targetaus)

Sophie the Giraffe : Sophie the giraffe teething toy from Baby Bunting (@babybunting)

Sheepskin bear : Teddy bear in sheepskin from FLATOUTbear (@flatoutbear)

Bowl : Mediterraneo steel coloured with epoxy resin white from Alessi (@alessi_official)

Lamp : Copper and wood table lamp from Kmart (@kmartaus)

Wire basket : Wire storage basket in copper from Kmart (@kmartaus)

Blanket : Soft knit blanket in natural from H&M (@hm)

Stool : White paint dipped stool from Kmart (@kmartaus)

Side table : Side table from Ikea (@ikea_australia)

Cushion : Dot copper metallic cushion from Sir Trouble Handmade (@sirtroublehandmade)

Bunting : Rustic handmade bunting from Deer Little Parties (@deerlittleparties)

Baby Carrier : Sling in Basalt from Yoli and Otis (@yoli_and_otis)

Light Box : Mini light box from Typo (@typoshop)

Teddy basket: Cane white dipped basket from kmart (@kmartaus)

Myer Bears : Annual Myer Christmas Bears from myer (@myer)

Egg carton game : Learning resources egg carton game from Aldi (@aldiaustralia)

Cushion : Knitted cushion from Mark Tuckey x Cotton On (@cottonon)

Rosary Beads : Wall hanging from Vatican City, Rome and blessed especially for Raffaella by the Pope Francis

Material Flower : Wall hanger from our wedding. Several of these were handmade by my friends mum for the end of the church pews.

Images : Kate @hellourbansafari

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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