Raffaella’s Baptism

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Raffaella’s Baptism

As a Catholic family, it was important that our daughter Raffaella also enter this Religion and she did so by completing her first Sacrament – Baptism, which was held on Sunday 28 November 2015 at our local Parish.

Raff was four months old at the time and we wondered whether she was too old or too young. Is there even a right age that one should be Baptised? We just wanted her to be over the three month mark. When planning, we based the date on when the gown was a good fit for Raffaella (priorities) and secondly when the priest was available. No show without the big guy.

It was a traditional Baptism ceremony as part of a full mass. My brother Paul and Anton’s sister Lorenza kindly accepted the role of Godparents. It was a big affair for my family with Raff being the first grandchild and an exciting time for Anton’s family given it was the first grandchild in ten years to enter their family.

The morning of, we had both of our immediate families over at our house for pastries whilst Raffaella was dressed in her gown. This gown is a family heirloom as my mother hand made it thirty six years ago when my brother Paul was Baptised. It was then worn by me and my younger brother Tom and younger sister Madeleine.

It is a traditional pure silk gown that is extra long in length with an over coat and bonnet, which are all trimmed with lace.┬áThe outfit was made even more special as my mum knitted a woollen blanket for all four of us kids for our Baptism day and Raffaella was able to be wrapped in my younger brother Tom’s, as he has passed away. Anton also had his Baptism blanket from his Godparents – we were almost all blanketed out. However, there were many sentimental moments being enjoyed on this day.

The morning went as planned and with little interruption, it’s amazing how one tiny beating heart can be the centre of so much fuss and dictate the situation in an instance. My two fears were a nappy explosion in the white gown or an outburst at the Church wanting a feed, which would be impossible given I wore a dress that is not breastfeeding friendly – like most nursing outfits of any substance really.

The ceremony was joyful and Raff held up fairly well considering she was covered in gown and water at one point. It was home for a quick outfit change into her party romper from Such Great Heights, of course we were twinning on the day – no surprises there right?

We both wore our flower power frocks and magical flower crowns from The Gathering Florist. All dressed up on our way to the party lunch and as we were just about there, I see Raff’s face start to strain with a look that said – I’m doing a whoopie Mama and it’s a big one and it is going to spread out of my nappy and all over my tights and romper and possibly into my car seat and you better move quickly because it mights spill out onto you too! So you know that party frock I just changed Raff into – yep gonski.

It was bound to happen I just knew it. Running late for the luncheon we pulled into a side street so I could clean Raff up but sadly we lost half of the outfit. It was a dash into every kiddie clothing shop from Brunswick to Carlton in search of new tights. Didn’t happen because who stocks baby tights in summer. NO ONE. We managed to be halfa late for the luncheon and fashionably late at four months old.

The luncheon was at Villa Romana in Carlton, we enjoyed an intimate family feast. The entrees were a set menu and included seafood of prawns, calamari, muscles as well as egg plant chips – these changed my life, meatballs, carpaccio, antipasto and caprese salad. Mains were A la carte and dessert was the stunning and delicious flower mud cake from Meaghan Cook.

The bonbonerie, which also played the role of name card for each guest was a small glass bottle jar of flower seeds.┬áThe tag attached to the jar read – Plant me and watch me grow with Raffaella Neave. Each guest also received an Under the Cotton Tree bagged fair floss stick, with a sticker that ready – Thank you for joining me at my Baptism and making my day so sweet *pun not intended.

The day was exactly as we hoped and such a special time for us as Raffaella under took her first Sacrament.. x

Flower crowns – Victoria @thegatheringflorist

Cake – @meaghancook

Floral romper and dress – @suchgreatheights_kids

Fairy floss – @underthecottontree

Gold baby brogues – @siennababyshoes

Anton suit – @dombagnato

Baptism candle and Baptism shoes – John and Evie Children’s Boutique

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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