Blink & she’ll be one.

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Blink and she’ll be one

Birthdays have never really been a big hoo-haa in my family. We had the no frills ice cream cake (still one of my favourite cakes, on par with the coles mud cake) every other year but an annual big bash didn’t really happen. So for me, largely celebrating another year of age wasn’t a ritual I’d inherited from my family of origin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party. I’ve had a couple of surprises thrown for me and they were bloody fun but I’d much prefer to celebrate someone else’s birthday than to organise my own. It’s one of those spotlight-please-shine-away moments.

For my husband though, birthdays were always celebrated with the cake and the sing along. Parties happened throughout the younger years, the school grade and soccer team were invited over to lash out on fairy bread and red cordial. Gifts were exchanged and turning over a new year with a party was the norm.

So for us, our ideas on how birthdays should be can be celebrated is quite different and that’s ok. It would be rather boring if the whole world knew to do everything exactly the same anyway.

Celebrating our daughter’s first birthday was obviously important to both of us so how do we celebrate based on our individual ideas of what a birthday look like? Parents would agree, a child turning one is not only an important milestone for the kid, its a celebration for parents in surviving that first year. Phewww – champions, all of us!

Ahh decisions! Do we have the hire the hall party or a small bash at home – where do we draw the line on the invite list? This whole idea makes me stressed just thinking about it. Praise to the Mama’s and Papa’s who have their shit together enough to make the big first birthday party happen.

Given travel is important to both of us, we agreed a first birthday celebration for Raffi overseas would be a cool thing to do.  Santorini was the place where she decided to throw an initmate dinner party for five. Anton and I, my brother Paul and our close friend Oliver. The party invite was appropriately titled – White out party for The Raff – as she requested we wear all white to her party – kids these days.

The restaurant, Esperisma was located at the absolutely breath taking Athina Luxury Suites and was everything we could have imagined Raffi’s Santorini birthday to be. From the cuisine to the cocktails, to the venue and the views, to the company and the climate, it was all absolutely perfect.

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It’s hard to say what each birthday will look like in between but we have started saving to return to Santorini for Raffi’s Twenty First birthday. One thing for certain is that by the time she hits 21, she won’t be avoiding all those steps by being carried in her Papa’s arms. Enjoy those 423,987 steps on your own my girl. The other thing that’s certain about celebrating Raff’s 21st in Santorini is that she might actually remember it!

To be fair to the other important people in Raff’s life, we decided to have small family gatherings with our immediate’s. A couple of pom pom party hats, a few balloons and a golden gaytime cake with a plastic lion on top helped set the tone. It was fitting to have a wee lion soirée for her as a Leo baby.

dsc_0506 dsc_0522

Although I’m not convinced about taking on the commitment of a big par-tay each year, I’d love to lash out one year and have a mini pedi party – apparently kids are hiring out salon’s as young as three and doing this. Sounds ludicrous and legend at the same time!

What I am committed to, is making a birthday cake until my daughter tells me she no longer wants to eat my dried out baking attempts any longer. Can we please take a minute to appreciate the pressure that goes into making and decorating a kids birthday cake..


Well there goes, we blinked and she was one.. x

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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