For the love of Dublin

After another boozy night we wake to another brilliant breakfast, as soon as we are all seated around the table, the song that we played at Toms funeral came over the radio again. The exact same one we had heard in London, just for the record I haven’t heard this song on the radio since we played it at Toms funeral but I hear it twice on this trip.

It was time to say our goodbyes and express our appreciation to our lovely Irish family for taking such fabulous care of us. It was with sadness we said our goodbyes as it was fifteen years since my last visit to the UK, I hope it’s not that long again before we return and of course we are waiting for the Irish to hang out with us in Australia.

Uncle Shaun so kindly drives us to Dublin, it’s about a two hour drive South, I slept basically the whole trip. Yep, Hung as!! We arrive in Dublin and meet with my cousin Darragh and his babe Abi, they have both flown over from Scotland to play with us for the night. My Aunt Fidelima is also in Dublin and she joins us for dinner.

There was conversation about us going to the league cup final for the Galic Football but that decision was scrapped pretty quickly when we landed at the bar of our hotel and watched Liverpool lose to Chelsea (my new team, I’ve converted from Everton – just like that #Trader).

Back in the game, we decide to freshen up and head to Fagans pub for a Sunday carvery. It’s a distinguished establishment as the walls are adorned with photographs of all the luminaries who have drank Guinness here, including President Bill Clinton, Gerry Adams and other sporting and musical talents.

The joint is packed as the football has finished but we find a nice posi and settle in. Finally we get our famous pub carvery, roast beef cut from the bone and a stack of veg. Sooo good – hangovers miraculously cured!! Thanks aunt Fidelima for treating us here.

A few glasses of prosecco in, we decide to move on from the crowds and walk to Dublin centre stopping off at Greshans Hotel for cocktails and dessert, it’s a pretty spectacular venue and we share laughs here for the next few hours.

We take an evening yonder through Dublin centre by the River Liffey and across the Millennium bridge, we get some great photos here and Anton now thinks he is a professional photographer..

The Millennium bridge ~


We roll on to see Dublin’s night life around Temple Bar Square. So far Dublin appears to be a very pretty place with more of a city feel than Belfast.

Abi and I are pretty knackered so we drag the boys home #partypoopers. We hail a cab and jump in with a seriously funny cab driver, my stomach was killing me by the time we got to our accommodation. When asking the cabby what the best thing we could do in Dublin was, he replied with “jump on a plane and head to Barcelona” ~ obviously loves his country but his advice we will take.

As we bail out of the cab, he gives us a mobile phone to take on our journey, one that was left in his cab some weeks back with no claimer. It’s a rough old Nokia in French, thanks TD but what can we do with a French phone and no charger.

Anyhow, it’s bed for the ladies while the boys decide its a better idea to hang by the bar and enjoy the Irish whiskey. Who knows how their night ended up. Don’t ask is usually a pretty good idea too.. X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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