For the love of Gaudí

We wake to our alarm and another healthy spread for breakfast, seriously needed after last night’s pintxos. We are booked in for a day of site seeing with our first stop at the Picasso museum, conveniently this place is literally at our front door.

We have tickets for a pre booked express tour and view a variety of work from his different errors. WOW! It’s interesting to see how much his work evolved from traditional sketches of the human body to his newer work of abstract and creative flair. Although this was enjoyable, a one hour express tour was plenty.

Pablo Picasso ~


Picasso Quotes ~


This is quite possibly my favourite ever quote.. In other words just do whatever you feel you bloody well like to do… Amen to that Picasso!!

Picasso Art work ~


We run into Güell Palace designed by Gaudì, this wasn’t in our initial plan but thankfully in our wonders we discovered it. We purchased tickets for the next entry in an hour, which gave us plenty of time to duck off to our favourite place the La Boqueria market and load up on fruity goodness.

The timing was perfect and we were in awe as we toured the many levels of the Güell Palace. So glad we did the tour, such an impressive and overly extravagant building. No expense was spared in its design or construction and it’s evident that Gaudì made his name with this building, as he then went on to become the most sought after architect in Catalonia.

Güell Palace stairway entrance ~


Güell Palace Interior ~


Mr Güell’s throne ~


The rooftop of Güell Palace ~


The ever talented and creative Mr Antoni Gaudí ( June 1852 – June 1926) obviously a Gemini ~


Mr Güell, the owner of this palace was said to be worth the equivalent of seventy billion euros in today’s time. I found it contradictory to stand on the rooftop on the tenth level of the palace that was immaculately decorated with the finest materials and peep through the cast iron barricade that enclosed his riches, only to see the poverty and the neglected homes that surrounded this grandeur we were in.

Just one view of the surrounding properties of Güell Palace ~


Many of these residents would have been paid the bare minimum to work in his business. I wonder whether he was able to spare any of his seventy billion euros to put a fresh pane of glass in their broken windows. Personally, that image captured the true definition of segregation.

It was a quick #AsLightening subway trip to Sagrada Familia. Totally besotted to finally be standing in front of the cathedral that I had read so much about. Seriously unbelievable, Gaudì nailed it with this design. No wonder it has taken over 150 years to build this very impressive church, it would be worth the visit in the late 2020’s just to see the final product.

The exterior of the Sagrada Familia ~


The attention to detail is incredible ~


The extraordinary interior ~


Me and my matching boo standing in front of the hanging sacred Jesus statute ~


It’s very hard to find words that can describe just how imposing and dramatic this place is and a photograph can really do no just. There are so many angles and perspectives to take in that every sense is stimulated.

It actually felt so overwhelming to be inside this grand place of peace and as we sat to say a little prayer, I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. If a church can be so beautiful, I can only begin to imagine how beautiful heaven must be.

We pre booked tickets to climb the nativity tower, an elevator ride 75 meters high and we are at the tip of the right side tower. This freaked me out completely; I’m shit scared of heights. Wish I never bungee jumped at the ripe old age of sixteen as the experience of almost snapping my neck has seriously scarred me #Obviously. I haven’t been able to do heights ever since!!

We stand at the top and giddily take in the amazing views; it’s a narrow space and would be difficult for anyone to spend too much time at due to the height and the backlog of tourists.

View from the top of the nativity tower ~


We get the photos we need and head down via the spiral staircase, this is hideous for me – a dark, narrow, cold, stair well with no railing as protection from slipping through the gap in the centre of the stair well, that drops straight to the ground.


I’m almost vomiting as I hear Anton say that this experience is even too much for him. Geepers the security blanket I thought I had is now in the same mental space as me… oh dear we’re both fucked now!!

We take another million photos of the exterior and then take the under ground to Park Güell. If you aren’t sure about heights, you don’t have to take the towers at the Sagrada Familia, you can get the same view of Barcelona at Park Güell and it’s much less taxing on the mind.

It’s an enjoyable uphill hike to the park that hosts some spectacular views of the city and again highlights the wealth that Mr Güell had. Much more of Gaudì’s work is visible here. We may even be a little bit Gaudíed out for one day. Worth the trip but make sure you wear comfy shoes for the hike (my wrong choice in footwear mistake number 923849).

Like the rest of the Park Güell visiting population, we left our print (or tag, whatever you think sounds cooler) on the popular Mediterranean cactus which are called Opuntia ficus-indica. Anyone every tried to write on one of these beasts, geepers it’s a very difficult task!


We head home and organise ourselves for paella and Sangria in Barcelonetta, it’s the Chelsea v Atletico Madrid derby so the locals are pretty pumped in the hope of an all Spainish final. We join in on the fan fest and spend the night cheering the game on with the locals.

We carefully walk home as we’ve been warned the streets of Barcelona can be slightly dangerous at night, so far we haven’t experienced any trouble.. Phew!!

It’s our final sleep in Xavier’s wicked apartment. Initially we were moving onto San Sebastian tomorrow but decided to stay an extra night in Barcelona. We decided this some weeks ago but Xavier’s accommodation was all booked out so we had to source another option. We decided to do a live in and our next host Levi sounds like a really cool guy, looking forward to meeting him tomorrow.. Night X

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