For the love of museums

We wake up much fresher today, I’ve actually woken at 330am and unable to get back to sleep (bloody jetlag) so it’s an ideal time to get started on this blog and get myself up to date for now.

Despite an early wake up, I’m rock and ready to get going for the day. Loading up on our breakfast we walk to the Victoria and Albert museum, we are recommended this museum by one of the locals we met in Notting Hill. As we head on to the V&A, Anton spots the Natural museum of history, it must be worth a look as the lines are ages long, if only time had permitted we would have loved to check this out too. There was a display showing one million years of the human story, shame we didn’t have time to get to this.

We are a little early (miracles do happen) so we head to a cute café across the road for a toilet stop and a cuppa. We then make ourselves at home on the V&A steps until open time..

We get into the V&A and head straight for the Italian Glamour show 1945 – 2014 by Bvlgari, wow this show is amazing. So interesting and fascinating to see how often fashion has been recycled. How precious it would have been to live in the 1950’s when almost 80% of Italian wardrobes were still hand made.

With designs from leading Italian fashion houses including Simonetta, Pucci, Sorelle Fontana, Valentino, Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana this exhibition is destined to be one of the highlights of our time in London. Only visual pictures to remember this amazing show as cameras aren’t allowed.

We set off to Harrods for a browse around and enjoy an impressive and flavoursome seafood lunch at the dining hall.

Cavair appears more common than cutlery on these dining tables. We treat ourselves to caviar and Balik smoked salmon.


Deliciousness for Lunch

It probably wasn’t the best idea to enjoy a bottle of Chablis before we go shopping.

We bus our way to Oxford Street for a little piece of shopping heaven.

We start the adventure with a toilet stop at Starbucks, these toilets are worse than the hundreds of portable loos that line the fences at summer festivals and the stench is just as unpleasant.. But like most women, I’ve mastered the stand ~ Sometimes we just have no choice, right!

Anton grabs a caffeine hit and as the barista calls out his name “Ethnic” (which is written clearly on the side of the cup) we decide that rather than waste our energy on telling this barista how much of a racist looser he is, we make a note to send in a letter of complaint on our return.

Can you imagine how hard it was for me to hold back on telling him what I really thought of him (I’m a cross between two very fiery nationalities, the Irish and the Greek Cypriot)!! Instead, I had a giggle at the tosser discriminating against us as Ethnics, as he wore a Versace watch and had chosen to take a career as a coffee maker.. I wonder whether he realised his preference in both brand and profession originated from Ethnics. The shallow minds of racist wankers!!

We continue on, winding up at the grand Hamley’s toy store. I’m beside myself with excitement at the original house of Paddington bear. I get lost in my childhood and make my favourite ever purchase: an original Paddington bear.

We have shopped up an absolute treat and have ourselves a few bags of everyday wear. It’s now time to head back to our hotel to prepare ourselves as we get spoilt with a Gordon Ramsey special at his Petrus restaurant.

We get lost finding the restaurant and stumble across the Ecuadorian embassy, the house of wiki leaks Julian Assange with a quick photo opportunity here.

Ecuadorian Embassy where Assange lives in these front windows

We waltz our way in the rain to Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay in anticipation of a what awaits us – a molecular gastronomy experience. Can’t wait to see how GR takes advantage of the modernist cuisine, this dinner is really going to be superb.

We arrive at the door and are greeted by about four front end door waiters.. Each! One for the jackets, one for the bag, one just to greet us and the other to lead us to our table. Entry to this restaurant comes with its own entourage. Feeling a little bit too special right now.

We are lead to a table for two, noticeably all chairs face inwards of the restaurant, looking towards the round glass wine room in the centre of the dining room. It’s fairly spectacular. We start with cocktails and then pink bubbles, then go onto our delicious food.



A few of the many amazing dishes we ate for mains

These plates of goodness didn’t last long


Satisfying our sweet tooth

Course number 853 getting ready to go down

These small round white chocolate ice cream balls are served on dry ice, we were surrounded in a cloud for a couple of minutes.

WOW!! We enjoy the most impeccable dinner. Everything is flawless; the service is like nothing we have ever experienced (even better than the two of us back in our days as waiters #SelfPlug) and the food even more astonishing.

We ordered from the impressive menu, surprisingly with every dish ordered we received one complimentary. As each dish reached our table it made its own little song and dance.

Amazing! I won’t bother with a detailed explanation of each meal we devoured during this evening’s dinner because I can’t put into words how unbelievable this gastronomy experience was. You really should go.

We digest our food with a walk through London’s night life and with full stomachs we head home and before we can even say goodnight, we are out…X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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