For the love of Northern Ireland

We are up for another pot of tea and spoilt by Bernie’s home cooked breakfast with our cousins. Anton committed to the game of soccer with Aidan, with the first half ending 3-2 to Aidan and the second half lined up in Anton’s favour on his home ground in Australia.

We are off for a sight seeing day of Northern Ireland’s coast with Shaun, Bernie and Aidan, we hit the same route as the Giro D’Itali (the precursor to the tour de France bike race). Our first pit stop is Cushendall, it’s a tiny traditional Irish town that has a lovely mural celebrating 100 years of Hurling. We are introduced to the famous Maud’s ice cream; pooh bear flavour is definitely a massive hit.

100 years of Hurling mural~


We travel along the scenic route to carrick a rede and take a 1 km leisurely walk to the edge of the main land. To get to the island of Carrickarede we must walk across the same rope bridge that has been crossed by salmon fisherman for over 150 years. This is not a very easy adventure for me as I’m petrified of heights; just looking at the bridge makes me giddy!! It is over 100 feet tall and sways briskly with the wind. All I can say is Do. Not. Look. Down.

CarrickaRede rope bridge ~


We make it over, Anton stands on his first piece of peat bog (which is like a spongy ground) and we bounce around the island with Scotland in the horizon. There is a little fisherman’s hut built on the side of the island that we picture Tom (he is a mad fisherman) nestled in with his fishing rod. It looks like a real fisherman’s dream that hut.

The fisherman hut ~


I guess it was one thing to make it over to the island but there was always going to be the issue of having to get back to main land ~ feeling weak at the knees and noticing my stomach about to exit from my mouth, I close my eyes and make a dash back over the rope bridge.. Just!

Our next stop is the Giants Causeway. I remember this place like I was here yesterday, still so fascinating to see thousands of interlocking basalt columns, all pieced together as the result of a volcanic eruption. It probably won’t be too long before these rocks can only be viewed from a distance to preserve them but for now we are free to walk on all 40,000 of them.

The Giants Causeway ~


The shape of each column ~


We enjoy dinner at the Giants Causeway hotel, which is the true Irish pub experience, set in the lusciousness of the green country side with rolling hills and a stunning coastline. The food terrific, the pork belly as sweet as can be and the mash potato as fluffy as the clouds.

We make our way home through Port Rush and Port Stewart, the two holiday destinations for the Northern Ireland beach goers. We get home late and hit the hay after a long and very enjoyable day.. X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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