For the love of country side

The household had a big sleep in this morning, heads are a little rough but we rise to an Irish fry up and of course about thirty cups of tea. Jacquline decides to lead the troops and a few of us venture off on a long walk around the country side, we learnt all about the neighbours and the land. It was a beautiful way to clear the head and our first attempt at shaking some of the many kilos we have gained since arriving. Need to stop eating but just can’t, I keep telling myself that ill go for a run tomorrow morning but that turns into the next day and the next day.. ya know what I mean?

Our crisp scenic walking view ~


As we return from our walk, we are all seated around the table again to load up on the left over food from last night, like we needed to be eating again but the food was too magnificent to resist!!

It’s a rush to get ready for mass; there is not a week that goes by that the Owens’ don’t attend mass, a strong Catholic crew and it’s a tradition that seemed to float across the shores with our mum. Yes, we attended a mass last night for Tom but that doesn’t count so a few of us attend mass again tonight.

Once our sins are forgiven we are back home getting ready for cousin’s night; about 30 of us get together for a drink at Nugent’s Pub, a bar owned by a cousin.

About half of the Owens cousins ~


It’s a fun night, I always knew the Irish could seriously drink!! It’s late and large again and we are destined to wake up a little fragile tomorrow but that still doesn’t tempt us to get off to bed. The stayers sit around the kitchen table to the wee hours of the morning. I can’t tell you exactly what time I got to bed but when you hear the birds.. You know it’s late or early!! X

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