For the love of Irish Republic

We meet for breakfast at the hotel dining hall by 9am, my early morning plans for to soak up the hotel spa and go for a run are once again not accomplished. As you could imagine, the Heathrow injection is really doing some damage by now.

It’s time to become tourists for the day, we are spoilt by Darraghs local knowledge as he had spent some years living here in the past. Our first stop along the scenic route is to the Kilmainham Gaol, this jail was built in 1796 and is a very important symbol of Irelands path towards becoming a republic. We took a very informative and moving tour which outlined the key events, prisoners and executions that took place inside the walls and that helped shape Ireland’s destiny. For example, Grace and Joseph Plunkett were married inside the prison chapel and just four hours later, Joseph was executed. It was interesting to learn this prison was considered state of the art when built and sentences of solitude and silence were classed as highly therapeutic.

Joseph Plunketts cell door ~


The mess hall ~


After an emotion filled morning, we moved along via the Guinness factory for a wee pint. It was Darragh and Abi’s time to move on as they had a flight to catch back to Scotland. We said our goodbyes and thanked them for the fun.

We then ventured on into the town centre, it was so different to see Dublin during the day as oppose to the night, the poverty was noticeable in the shopping mall, there were also lots of talented buskers. We watched a young male probably about 35 make his way up the mall harassing buskers and passer buyers for money, he stood over and helped himself to a young girls money collection that she had received because of a sand sculpture she made. He was an intimating and clearly drug affected lad and it was obvious that people, including us, we’re threatened by him. In almost ten years of working with these folk, I don’t think I’ve felt as concerned about my own safety as I did walking the mall of Dublin. It was every few steps that we were asked for money from gypsies. The poverty was sad to see and it was disappointing there was not a stronger police presence. I’m interested to learn more about the crime stats in this city.

We had a little shop and then found a falafel bar called Umi, this place was soo good – need one in Melbourne!! We ate our concerns away and then took a stroll along Dame Street stopping at the very beautiful building that is the town hall. We purchase ourselves some Irish coffee cigars and on recommendation stop off for some yummy sweets at Queen of Tarts, it was meant to be cake time when there was a sweet called Madeleine. We see what we have to in Dublin then motor on back to our hotel to grab our bags and head on

Queen of Tarts ~


We arrive at the airport, Ryanair take our luggage, no dramas here thank goodness we prepaid an extra 50 kg of luggage as we have shopped more than we could have imagined. We linger around the airport, where we get hold of some wifi and a dining table ~ Yep! you guessed it table number 18 again…

It’s time to catch up on my writing here. Our plane is delayed and Xavier our airbnb host for Barcelona is already irritated that we arriving at 1am, I wonder how pleased he is going to be when he finds our our plane is delayed again, this time by one and a half hours ~ see you at 330am Xavier.. X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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