For the love of La Concha

We are up with the sunrise, it looks to be a glorious day ahead and we can feel the heat of the sun waiting to join us for our day of site seeing. We get our hiking gear on and head for the mountains. On our journey to Mount Igueldo we detour along a sweet little street, similar to Rathdowne St Carlton and plonk ourselves in front of the fruit shop for some people watching. I become friends with a French bulldog, no Johnny and Frank but he is a gorgeous boy that allows me to be his play mate for the next hour.

We continue our mission to Mount Igueldo, think of La Concha bay in the shape of a horse shoe, with two mountains at each end and a small island mid way between those two mountains. We are now going to visit the top of the mount on the left side.


Photo from the top of Mount Igueldo over looking Monte Urgell~

We are carted to the top by a little wooden carriage that struggles its way up one side of the mountain and are delivered to views that are absolutely breath taking. Such a pretty vision over the old and new town and the beach front lined with tall, traditional Spanish style buildings..


Views over San Sebastián

We watch the crystal clear water gently touch the sand and the people that are enjoying the warm water weather.


We spend time relaxing by this view before taking the carriage back to the bottom of the mountain.

We join the Sunday strollers walking the beach edge to the other side of the bay. We hike up Mont Urgull to see the old castle and one of the world’s tallest statues of Jesus that over looks the whole city, it is said to be almost twice the size of the one in Rio. So pretty bloody epic.


It’s warm by now and a decent hike to the top, we embrace another opportunity to burn off some of the pintxos #ripper. It’s a space to absorb more breath taking, 360 degree views from a different angle and it’s another chance for a little meditation mindfulness, up close to the clouds.


Time to wander back down to the old town and by now we have brewed up our appetite for a big jug of sangria. We stop by a bar filled with pintxos but near empty given its sleep time for the Spanish.

Two others are seated by the bar and invite us to join them, we spend the next few hours enjoying each others company. Melainie is a New Zealander living in London and her partner Rodericko is a Brazilian who has recently moved to London. We get boozy with them and decide to bar hop given this is our last night in San Sebastián.


Even the street lamps are ridiculously attractive


The statue lit up over the old town by night ~

Seriously sad to leave this place.. so so beautiful, I just know this is going to be up there with one of my favourite places in the world. Don’t want to sleep because it’s going to waste our valuable time here..

Our next stop Bordeaux is equally as exciting though, looking forward to becoming wine connoisseurs while visiting the world’s greatest wine region.. Night X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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