For the love of Bordeaux

We pack up the little gear we have in our room, the car is now our wardrobe, meaning the suitcases stay put and we just take out the items we need each day. Our backs would be stuffed if we had to cart those beasts in and out of the car at every place we stayed. We leave our San Sebastian home and I duck in for a blow wave at Marga’s salon, it’s about a 7/10 but I’m again glad to have fresh hair.

We hit the bitumen and Anton continues to be chauffer so I can spend time catching up on the blog. My MacBook decides it’s a nice time to pack it in (rightly so it’s over 7 years old), I start to fret as all the writing from this trip is saved to the laptop, amongst all my uni work, photos, wedding stuff, job applications, Tom’s personals ~ Ahhh deep breaths are all I can do right now!! Writing continues on my iPad and I hope that the next Apple store can come to the rescue.

As I plug in the mobile for a random shuffle of the tunes, Tom’s funeral song comes on first, out of the entire mega playlist; this is the first song to play.. It’s another little reminder.

We drive on for the next three hours on a very picturesque trip to Bordeaux. As we exit via San Sebastian’s mountainous roads and cross over the French border, we can see the beautiful chateaus and wineries.

Rows and rows of vineyards are growing the grapes that go on to make some of the world’s best wines. The fresh air is filled with a distinct aroma of fresh grapes; you can almost taste the left and the right bank varieties.

We get to our airbnb apartment and meet Eloide who gives us the ins and outs of the apartment before leaving us with the keys for the next few days. Eloide mentions there is an Apple store at the end of Rue Sainte-Catherine ~ one of the longest shopping streets in Europe flanked by boutiques and shoe shops. Off we trot in an attempt to fix this bloody laptop.

Rue Sainte-Catherine jamming with shoppers

It’s a long walk through Bordeaux’s groovy end; it’s like the hip uni end of town where all the young folk gather to watch a band at the local and smash down a few jugs of the craft brew.

We reach the Apple store easy enough and are seen to straight up, happily avoiding the language barrier as the technician speaks excellent English. I explain to him that I’ve tried to turn my computer on several times but it just won’t work. He opens the laptop; Yep you guessed it, he bloody turns it straight on!!! Of course it didn’t when I tried the million times before.. Anyway I’m a happy girl again as all my content is saved.

We continue along Sainte Catherine taking a peak at the shops, lots changes in Zara and River Island and Mango and UCoB when you have entered them every day for the past weeks.. so we’d better stop in.

We arrive at the very elegant Grand Theatre de Bordeaux, this square is filled with neat, oversized buildings and it’s obvious that Bordeaux has more heritage listed property than anywhere else in the world.


The stunning Grand Theatre de Bordeaux

We make our way to the monument aux girondins and the esplanade des quinconces for a vintage market; it would be an antique collector’s heaven here with the many rows of goods.


Monument aux Girondins ~

Beautiful scenery surrounding the markets ~

Rows laced with vintage treasures ~

We end up walking the old cobbled streets to place de la bourse, it’s a sweetly romantic setting particularly as we head towards the La Garonne River and arrive at the perfect time of day for the magical miroir d’eau.

The Pont de Pierre or “Stone Bridge” was completed in 1822

The gorgeous miroir d’eau ~

This mirror of water covers a surface of 3450 square metres and is the largest of it’s kind in the world. Water either lies still in a two centimetre mirror (as seen in the above picture) or is sprayed two metres into the air and people have fun running through it (as seen in the picture below). The water reflects the neoclassical buildings.


It is something quite spectacular to view and it is standing in this space that we realise how rich in beauty this city is. It’s a warm evening and exercise appears to be a big part of the culture as folk are running and cycling around us. We just lounge around absorbing this stunning scenery.

The venue that was recommended to us for dinner is closed.. course it is! bit of a shame as the reviews are rave. Parliament Square happens to be just around the corner and we find an open table in the courtyard to enjoy a casual dinner and drinks.

With full tummies we make our way back to the apartment. It’s time to catch up on The Voice Australia, unfortunately didn’t get around to the Offspring as sleep is needed for our winery tour tomorrow.. x

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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