For the love of La Boqueria

We wake up fresher than expected and zip up our cases for the final time in Barcelona. We are on a bit of a mission to pick up the car at the El Prat airport by 12pm. We sort of stress ourselves out a little based on our previous experience at the airport, plus we have no idea where the car pick up venue actually is.

We have a map but it makes very little sense. Anyhow we’ve had good luck and smooth sailing so let’s hope this all goes to plan. Can’t wait to get the car, then we won’t have to lug our bags around anymore.

We decide to bolt off to our favourite La Boqueria market for one last bag of fruit, a few panecillos, prosciutto and queso to get us through the six hour drive ahead to San Sebastián. It’s true wog style with our bag of food ready to unpack a picnic in the car. Gee the old man would be proud of this.

We absorb the ambience of the Boqueria market for our last time this trip (I say this trip because we will definitely be back some day) and feel a tad sad that we are leaving the rows and rows of yummy food goodness.

We get to the apartment and find Levi up and waiting for us. He politely walks us out to hail a cab from the front of his apartment.

A cab spots us from the other side of the road and swerves across four lanes to get us, slamming on the breaks he causes a bit of a pile up with the cars behind, his car avoids the accident and he remains oblivious to what just happened.

Anton and I have a bit of a chuckle as we load our bags into his boot, he ignores the abuse that is being hurdled at him by the other drivers for the accident he caused. It’s actually – completely – bizarre what is happening right now and I can’t believe we have survived this altercation without witnessing any fistfights.

We say good bye to our new friend and he words up the cabby not to take us on a joy ride just because we are tourists. We pull out the map and the driver knows exactly where to go. It turns out to be much easier than expected as Anton and the driver converse in Italian and after a couple of phone calls, the cab gets us to our destination.

We booked our car a few months back through Peugeot Open Europe cars, definitely recommend these guys for anyone who plans to drive on their travels. Basically we put in a request for the type of car we wanted for example; medium size, air con, diesel etc and they built the car to our request.

The company then leased the car to us for the duration of our travels and at the end of the lease we sold the car back to the company. There is also the option to purchase the car. Worked out to be a much better deal than hiring through the commercial car hire companies, particularly because we dropped the car off in a different country to our pick up.

It’s really straight forward all we have to do is sign a few papers before we are given the keys to our brand new Peugeot. The easy part is done, now we gotta get the hang of driving on the other side of the road. I’m slightly confident with myself after having driven left hand drive in the States but Anton decides to take the reigns so I can catch up on this journal #GoodDeal

Our best friend for the next few months~


Unclear how well received the French number plates will be near Napoli~

It is an enjoyable six hour drive through the Basque Country and we notice how polite the drivers on the road are, we don’t encounter any road rage. Drivers fang it on the highway but are very careful and completely focused on their own thing.

As we begin to approach San Sebastián we find ourselves driving high in the mountains, through the clouds, it’s quite a beautiful experience. Over six hours later and we are in San Sebastián.

Felt like we were driving through the clouds~

Marga the owner of our next airbnb stay greets us, we chat for a while with her and her friend who speaks incredible English. Marga shows us the ropes, explains the functions of the house and leaves us to sort ourselves out. We plan for a night in, as it’s fairly late and we are running on empty from last night. We get a decent sleep for a day of exploring San Sebastián tomorrow.. Night X

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