For the love of Magic Fountain

Today we are moving apartments; we are heading that little bit closer to Barceloneta beach, not too far from where we have spent our previous few nights but away from the old town where it’s a bit more modern. We struggle to squash everything into our cases; my zip has now broken from way too much shopping!!

We load ourselves up with bags, in a similar way it would have been done back in the day, overloading a donkey’s back with bags but instead we load our own. We walk at the pace of a snail for about 1.5 K’s and with minimal issue arrive to meet our host Levi; a dapper guy from Hungry now living in a brand spanking and very swanky apartment in Barcelona.

We kill a bit of time getting to know each other and he invites us to a VIP bring in summer party at the W. I’m sure he just spent the last hour chatting to us, scoping out whether we were invite worthy. Anyhow he points to the W hotel building in the shape of a sail that’s directly by the waters edge and asks whether he should add us to the guest list? We give him a casual YES! Looking forward to seeing if this party is as exclusive as he has made it out to be. Oh wish I was across it enough to understand all the Ibizia DJ name dropping!! Been a while since I’ve ripped up the dance scene

It’s the May Day public holiday today and we can see from the apartment window a stack of people protesting and going nuts in the streets of Barcelona. All the shops are closed and its evident so many passionate locals have joined in on the marches.

We stroll along the beach and check out the market stalls before heading into the city centre. We end up at the top of La Rambla and are a bit sad there is no Boqueria market today.

We come across Casa Batlló and as we get to the front of the queue to purchase our tickets we notice the Aussie accent, it’s one that wouldn’t be noticeable if we were in Bourke street but on the other side of the world it really stands out #LikeDogsBalls.

We start chatting and she is an Aussie of Spainish origin – turns out (drum roll please) her and I lived in Brunswick, in the exact same street, in the same apartment block, at the exact same time and were probably even in the exact same supermarket at the exact same time #NoooWay #SixDegrees.

Anyhow, Casa Batlló is a special discovery and it’s a nice way to fill in the public holiday. It’s another of Gaudì’s masterpieces, a vision of an underwater paradise, creating one of his most poetic works. We are seduced by its magic for the next hour with an audio guided tour.

The devine exterior of Casa Batlló ~


Vibrant underwater sea theme interior ~


Because not one but seven chimney’s (how weird is the word chimney by the way) is normal ~


As we make our way back home, we stop off at the Barcelona Cathedral; we pop in to rehearse our family prayer and take a look at the grandeur of this church. Lining the walls inside are chapels dedicated to all the saints.

As we leave the church there is a bunch of older woman begging for money, it’s been my observation in Barcelona that most of the homeless are of an aging population and are predominantly women, probably 70 plus. A distant second would be younger males who mostly seem to have a pet dog. It’s devastating to see anyone homeless but when the majority are elderly women it had me really thinking about the broader picture ~ women’s rights, equality and family violence stastics. Homework task number 2.

It’s late afternoon and we head home to get ready, all excited about viewing the magic fountain light show on dusk. Awesome tip from Levi!! We jump on the metro to score a good viewing spot before the sunset.

As we arrive hundreds flock to the fountain, we walk to the top and view the Montjuïc Castle, we grab wonderful photos of the fountain from above but head back down to be closer to the fountain for the show (this was our best tip from Levi).

Montjuïc Castle & it’s magic views ~


After nabbing a wicked posi, we join the thousands of people in anticipation of the show, there is beer and sangria in abundance and the mood is similar to that of New Year’s Eve and everyone happily awaits the spectacle. The fountain light show is definitely all it’s pumped up to be and so romantic, for the next hour we are mesmerized by the colourful water and light show.


A proposal even took place right by us, we all joined in on their celebration and had an unplanned engagement party for them #OnlyStrangersInvited. Big ten points on romantic effort for that bloke.

We train it back to Barcelonetta and stop off for dinner in El Born, in our opinion, this is the best place to eat in Barcelona. It’s a quick bite in a groovy eatery as we fire up for the big party ahead.

We get back to the apartment later than expected and our mate is waiting with a bottle of Cava (reasonably priced, traditional Spanish sparkling) sharing with us the original flavours of the home brew. Clearly I wasn’t done up enough when he mentioned we could take an outfit change before we go. A few boozes in and we roll on to the W. It’s a warm night so the party vibe is in full swing.

This hotel is as flash as the W brand promotes itself to be ~ top quality everything and the bring in summer party is nothing less. I would be doing the venue an injustice not to boast as they really know how to put on a dance party and the night totally exceeded any expectations that we had.

It’s early and we have an early start tomorrow so we gotta zonk out for a couple of hours. Good Night (or Morning).. X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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