For the love of Venice

We rise to another breakfast at the Franco Cozzo style dining room; there are more Italian sweets on the menu than anything else. I’ve lost track of days and dates and the meal times aren’t routined anymore either- cakes alcohol shots and spritz for breakfast!!

A good wi fi connection has allowed me to get the Ireland leg up on the blog. It’s much more time consuming than it sounds.

After finally organisng ourselves we leave for Venice by midday, it’s about a 400km trip ahead, with a couple of toilet stops it’s probably going to take about five hours.

The drive isn’t as scenic as we’ve had previously and the tolls continued to mount, we’ve probably paid about 500 Euros in tolls by now, that’s a fair whack.

We arrive in Venice (aka Venezia in their native tongue) and park our car at San Marco for the next three days. Driving is not possible on the island so we had pre booked a space at one of the four massive secure car parks; San Marco is home for our Peugeot.

We received great advice to leave everything in the car and just take a small bag with the clothes we needed as it’s mainly walking around Venice. This made the search for our hotel so much easier.

We grabbed our tickets for the water ferry at 7€ each and set sail through the canals, getting off at the Rialto, the main station in the centre of Venenzia.

It was always going to be a challenge to find our hotel, the small narrow laneways intertwine with each other and the signage isn’t clear and often written in a different way to what is printed on the map. We found our hotel without too much drama; Hotel Canaletto.

The cuteness of this place is certainly going to make our stay so much sweeter. I already adore Venice and we’ve only been here for less than an hour.

We off load our bags and are bursting out of our skin to join the hundreds of people getting lost around the laneways and mesmerising over the Gondolas setting sail on the canals. Good looking bunch of fellas steering those little boats around the waterways too.


We check out San Marco square, arguably one of the most popular squares in the world.



It’s definitely double P time, our short hand for Piccolo Presecco, we grab one from the many stores – alcohol can be purchased just about anywhere in Western Europe.

We join the crowd sipping from the bottle as we find somewhere to eat dinner, there is a buzz in the air about the Champions League final that is on tonight and most people seem overly excited about the game ahead.

We find a little eatery close to our hotel and settle in at the full house to enjoy dinner and watch the game. The seafood looks and smells pretty spot on and is a popular cuisine in Venice. We order only seafood for our meal and get our hands dirty while enjoying the mussels and lobster.

As I sneak off for a toilet stop, I walk past a table a couple of seats up from us, I pick up the Melbourne accent, so distinct when on the other side of the world but probably one that I wouldn’t notice if I was walking along Bourke Street mall.

On return I stop to make the connection and before we know it our tables are joined to enjoy the rest of our night together, turns out they are of similar age to us, live in the same area and know many of the same people we know!! Just to sound cliche #SmallWorld – bet we would have never of met them back home.

We had a really fun night together, maybe too many glasses of spritz and rosè but the company was fabulous. Looking forward to catching up for dinner with our new buddies tomorrow night. Night X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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