For the love of Florence

We’ve woken up to sing happy birthday to Tommy in the heavens, feels like yesterday he was born, I remember been at school and getting the news that I had a new little brother to cherish and adore.

It’s such a bright and sunny day, he is most definitely turning on this weather for his 24th birthday celebrations.

We have a few little things to tick off our tourist list today. First and most importantly, it’s food time with a stop at the supermarket, fresh prosciutto, provolone cheese and panini to make sandwiches for lunch.

The backpack is full of deliciousness and with the city centre a block away; we drop in for some last minute shopping.

We continued our walk to Piazza Michaelanglo for a magnificent panoramic view over Firenze.

The views are breath taking with the Duomo, Cathedrals and the Ponte Vecchio insight. On the way back we walk the riverbank and see the beach of Florence, which is a man made sand bank on the side of the river. We really are ridiculously spoilt for beaches in Australia.

Arriving at Piazza di Santa Croce ready to enter another church, I had to whip on a pair of shorts that I had in my bag, I am prepared for covering up in the churches these days as any bare skin showing above the knees requires covering.

I’m now good to enter Bascillica di Santa Croce, which is the burial place of many famous Italians such as, Gallelo, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and other luminaries of Florence.


It was only fitting that we lit a candle for Tom, just as we have done in all of the cities we visited. This one is a special Happy Birthday candle.

Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze is an art museum and is our next stop. We have waited in anticipation for this stop; can you guess what is here?



The statue of David was sculptured between 1501 and 1504 by Michelangelo and is a 5.17 metre marble statue. It is huge and quite special to see. It is unfathomable to think this was created all those years ago.

Stomach rumbles mean food time, we sit opposite the church on the steps of the Gucci Museo and make our sandwiches, people are looking at us oddly, they are either jealous of our yummy fresh rolls or can’t believe where we have situated ourselves to whip out the kitchen sink. Maybe a bit of both but this food is way too yummy to care.

After satisfying our appetites we walk the streets back to the hotel and hit the road for Rome or Roma as the locals call it.

On our drive we see many small villages by the side of the mountain cliffs, similar to the Cinque Terre. We stop at a couple of roadhouses to get change for the tolls but there are no ATM’s – now I understand where Anton gets the wogs and cash thing from, no banks anywhere!!

As we enter Rome there is a gigantic bridge with white statues mounted across it, surely this has to be a famous landmark but I hear much of Rome is filled with this grand Roman architecture.

Hotel Farnese is our quaint and pretty hotel that we are staying at while in Rome, it is central and easy to locate. Given we have arrived quite late, we take a short walk around the neighborhood and stop for a drink and a bite to eat at a local bar. The night is low key, saving our fuel for adventures tomorrow. X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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