For the love of Italy

Such a peaceful sleep up in the hills, not a sound can be heard. Pushing open our door shutters leads us to breakfast on the balcony and a big bright sun. The breakfast basket is clearly made with so much love it includes fruit, breads cheeses, salami, coffee, juice and a little note that reads: gustare la colazione a Positano.. (Enjoy your breakfast with the view of Positano).


It’s our last day so we check out (again). It was an excellent experience staying at both Hotel Palumbo and Hotel Reginella and I highly recommend either of them to you for your stay in Positano because it is a place you just have to see if you haven’t already.

We load our gear into the car for the last time. It is parked at Anna’s car park, close to our hotel and reasonably priced at 20 euro per day. Our chores are done for the morning so we can nick off to the beach for the day.

In the plaza of Positano there is a little deli called Vini and Panini, they sell the biggest and freshest grapefruit so we stock up for our day on the beach.


Just by chance we find a little vacant patch on the sand and it happens to be right next to our mate Luigi, the legend who took us out last and his fiancé.

It’s about 35 degrees and we are sweating up a treat sun baking on these hot rocks. Lots of water action is needed to keep cool. The water is really pleasant and the further out you swim the warmer it gets and obviously the less people around so it’s a double whammy.

At the bottom of the sea close to the shore is an old shipwreck, which is quite visible. The panoramic views looking inland from the water are insane. Lots of colourful little houses fill the cliffs edge and as I take in the views, I’ve found the perfect spot to meditate.

Plans for a late lunch so Anton and Luigi set off to get salad rolls for us from Vini and Panini – meant to be the best salad rolls on the Amalfi Coast. The deli did look so fresh when we were there before. About two hours later the boys come back, apparently afternoon scotches were waiting for them.

Oh my gosh! This salad roll is all it’s cracked up to be; the best I’ve eaten. Boccocini, tomato, basil, lettuce and olives are all straight from the garden. How a sandwich with so little ingredients can taste so amazing is beyond me.

Once our food digests we go for one last swim in Spiaggia Grande, the main beach and ferry port and the central hub for Positano’s activity. We say our good byes to our new friends and hope to be back to see them again soon.

On our way back up the hill we stop at the boutiques for a little shop and discover the most gorgeous hand made shoe shop called Nanã. A little man sits at the front making cork shoes and leather sandals to measure. We couldn’t resist a couple of hand made treasures.


We continue walking up the hill through the picturesque town to Hotel Reginella to organise for our car to be dropped off. With no hassle and sad eyes we make tracks for Rome.

The drive started with spelndid coastal views as we crusied into Sorrento, stopping only for a gelato. It is the long trip ahead to Rome from here. We both freaked out when we thought we were in Napoli, there are no road rules, mafia everywhere and the vibe is completely different.

Our main concern is our French number plates; we’d been warned that we will get hijacked if we drive through with this rig. It’s lucky we hit the toll booth and our minds are put to ease hearing we’d avoided Napoli – it must have just been it’s scary sister. Napoli is definitely on the #BucketList though!!

Anton has driven the entire trip with the exception of one or two little stints I did. I reckon he just doesn’t trust how crazy I am on the roads and for both our sakes, it’s best he takes the reigns.

As we get closer to Fimucino Airport in Rome, the sky is filled with a huge blood orange sun, it’s like the sun is bursting with happiness. It could possible be the angels up above smiling with us in appreciaton of this unbelievable journey that we have been so lucky to go on.



Reaching our last hotel that we will have to check into for a while and it’s the Fimucino Hilton. It’s a terrible check in, these guys seriously can’t organise themselves, we are given a single bed, no car wash available, restaurant was booked out and didn’t have a waiting list, it’s about 11pm and we haven’t even unpacked the car.

Finally, we sort the bedding arrangement out, honestly would have been quicker finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Mind you we had booked and paid for a king room initially so this is their boo boo.

Desperate for a car wash (it’s a 180-euro fee if the car is not returned clean), we get two buckets from the concierge and drive the car to the fountiain roundabout out the front of the hotel.

Yep you guessed it we start washing the car with the water from the fountain and two hotel towels. What nut cases people must think we are -parked on the side of the roundabout washing our car. I so wish we had photos of this.

Once the car is spick and span, we take our clothes and bags into the room for sorting. Both starving we head to the hotel resturant for something to eat and to fuel up before we attempt to pack our suitcases. Our gear stacks up and spills over the edge of the king bed, how it will squeeze into two suitcases – I have no idea.

It took ages to roll each item of clothing and strategically pack it all in. We donated what we could to the homeless folk on the streets of Rome, it was all pretty good stuff just that weight wasn’t on our side to take it home as luggage. Happy with our packing skills, we hit the deck at 4am with our alarms set to get back up in one and a half hours time.

So over tired right now but at least we will sleep well on the plane ride home.. X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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