For the love of Scilla beach

We woke up to human alarms again today. The beach weather is rolling in so it’s a quick breakfast with fresh eggs from the farm. It’s a convoy of cars as we all road trip to Scilla for a family day at the beach.

Scilla is a small beach town in Calabria. Like many of Italy’s towns, Scilla has an old and a new town. The beach part of the town is the newer part populated with hotels and restaurants and the old town is the residential area. Apparently, it is the traditional site of the sea monster. The tourist area of the beach is neat and the preparations are beginning to take place for the summer influx.

Along the beach are banana lounges and matching umbrellas; this pretty ensemble makes for an inviting beach day.

It does take a little bit of time to get use to the tiny rocks that would normally be sand back in Australia. The local trick is to walk flat footed and quickly, don’t slowly tip toe your way around this one.

The beauty of this location (and many of the other beaches in Italy we have swan in), is that there isn’t any seaweed #Hallelujah, and the waters are clear blue. Across the water is the Island of Sicily, we won’t have time to make it there but it is definitely on the #BucketList.

We spend a few hours sun baking and then decide to take a walk to The Ruffo Castle where the Duke of Calabria once lived. On the way we see a little Chapel built into the side of the cliffs edge called – Cave la Madonna of that Paisi.


The castle is up on a cliffs edge and overlooks the beach.


Further on we hit the old town, the residential part, this is known as a mini Venice because of the water canals around the houses. Apparently, when the sunsets over the water the reflection makes seven different colours and it’s meant to be pretty amazing. This beach is called Chianalea.

We head for the local pizzeria to eat pizza and brushetta; being so close to Napoli – the home of pizza – our pizzas taste spot on. We drink Dreher – a pale lager made by Heineken known as the carpenter’s beer. Outside of the pizzeria is a fresh fruit hut, bucket loads of ripe freshness, chopped up right in front of our eyes.

After spending the afternoon digesting our food and another sun bake we go to Calabria for a shop. The main strip is called Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi and is a very looong mall of shops.


It’s an impressive strip and this is where I discovered Kiko by Milano. I’m a massive fan of coloured lips and Kiko’s range completely satisfied my fetish, amongst several others colours – I’ve just added black to my collection.

Whilst walking the strip we visit Museo Archeologico Nazionale Di Reggio Calabria. This museum is home to the two Riace statues also known as bronze A & B, which were retrieved from the bottom of the ocean. The precise date these were sculptured is unknown but estimated to be a few thousand years ago.

These iconic sculptures are also thought to be the most significant bronze sculptures from the Greek period. It was a weird set up to get in as we had to stand in a room and be disinfected before we could go in and see the statues.

It’s home time from here; the drive ahead is about an hour. Quick pit stop home then straight to Lamezia, to another relatives house for dinner. This time to Zio Vincenzo, he is the wife of Zia Lucia, the third of the aunties that passed away from this disease, making Anton’s dad the only survivor of the four siblings.

Their son Pasquale also passed away; he is the first male known to have this disease. Living in this same residential block is Pasquale’s brothers, Anthony and Francesco and their wives and children. Also Pasquale’s wife and their two children.

It was another great laugh and spread, again the table is over flowing with delicious and traditional food.

For dessert we devoured traditional chocolate and vanilla tartufo, which is from one of the towns close by and is reportedly the best made in the world. It certainly tastes that way.


The homemade vino rosso and grappa is in abundance and the story telling continues. We really get to know each of the cousins tonight.



They had so much interest in Australia and us, it’s weird hearing the perception that people around the world have of Australia. No we don’t have a BBQ with shrimp and a beer for breakfast everyday.

It’s another 4am bedtime.. Night X

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