For the love of Tropea

Anton took to the kitchen and made a fresh breakfast for us before we headed out for the day. We started our day by delivering flowers to the cemetery for Zia Anna and other family members that have passed.

Near the cemetery, is the local soccer ground that Anton’s cousins play at. It’s a sand pitch and apparently this is the surface most Italians play on, no wonder they produce such great players.

It is another beach day for us, this time off in the other direction to Tropea. On our way we stop at the Capello lookout, such incredible views here – the water equally as impressive – it is so clear the reflection from the boat can even be seen.

There is a cafe that we grab a coffee at and admire the fresh salami hanging from the tree to dry out. I must say that this neck of the woods – the South of Italy – is an untouched haven, no tourist trap just a mighty gem. There are five star private resorts available for $100 per night that sums up how sacred this area is.

In this area there are a lot of the Mediterranean cactuses around (same as the ones we left our print on in Barcelona). Here they are called fichi d’india or the prickly plants.

It’s off to our next piece of paradise, which is going to be our swimming destination and hang out for the day.


Tropea is home to the cipolla (red onion) and has beaches that are more incredible than Capello, however that is possible. No sand again just tiny rocks on these beaches.

So many little chubby Italian kids roaming around with their tops off, something pretty cute about seeing little ones chatting away in another language.

Teenagers are out on the water with the music pumping in their speedboats, most likely no regulations for this in Italy. Feel like we are at a bit of a beach disco.

Lunch is at a café by the foreshore, over looking the water. Fresh salad sandwiches go well with the hot weather. Once our food digests, we explore around the waters edge.

There is a cave, which is known to locals and on the other side is the most magical setting and pristine waters. Swimming in this feels like a dream.

After a big day beaching, we make our way to the town at the top of the hill for a look around.



After browsing the town we gradually make our way back home to San Ono’frio. Giovanna is a hairdresser and she offered to give me a blow wave. By now you have probably figured out that I love a good blow wave. It’s ace to have washed and styled hair again.

Initially we had planned to leave the family tonight and head off for Positano but they have talked us out of this. It’s quite late now and the road back up to the Amalfi Coast is a challenging one, best not to be done in the dark #SafetyFirst.

We decide to stay and enjoy another home cooked feast. This time home made fettucini carbonara, again every ingredient is fresh from the farm. Main course is veal schnitzel, salad, olives, fruit and bread (lots of bread – a good way to insult an Italian is to not eat bread with your meal). Rosso Vino is also an essential part of the Italian diet. I could slot right into this food regime.

Lots more laughs are had tonight, Antonella’s partner Francesco is a bit of a character and had us all in tears of laughter, worked up a six pack by the end of all the laughing – our stomachs are that sore. Francesco is one of those talented storytellers that can tell the story like you are in it.

To end the night, we watch soccer and look through photos at Rosa’s house whilst sipping on baileys (haven’t had this for yonks but seriously how delicious is baileys on ice?).

At 2am we said our goodbyes to the kids that we won’t see in the morning and went off to bed for an early rise. We plan to leave by 6am.. Night X

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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