For the love of Watsons Bay

Noting beats being up early on Sundays and getting out to seize the day. We walk from Tamarama to Bondi and stop off at the Bondi markets for a look around, then across the road to sit by the beach and watch the Sunday strollers and surfers.


My Irish Cousin and his wife both live in Sydney so we catch up with them for lunch and a few beers (pretend beers for me) at Bucket List. The pear, rhubarb and apple pie Messina that I had last night was so good that I decided to get stuck into it again today.

We decide to go for a drive along the Coast to Watsons Bay, a harbour side suburb of Eastern Sydney. It is a small yet busy place with scenic views across the water of the Sydney harbour bridge. The sun is beaming and the local pubs are packed, which is creating a vibrant atmosphere. Such a fun place, we will definitely stay here next visit.

We went for a walk around The Gap, it is an ocean cliff that has sadly been the point at which many have taken their own. Reportedly, there was once a man known as ‘Angel of the Gap’ who lived across the road and was able to save numerous people from suiciding. He would walk over and engage the person in a conversation and often invite them back to his house for a chat but he has now passed away after saving so many.


As the sun goes down we head back to Bondi and watch the Bombers beat the Hawks. I’ve watched more sport on this trip than I have in my whole life but nonetheless it’s nice to have quiet nights in.. x

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