For the love of Murrays Beach

Finally wake to no rain and what looks to be a nice day ahead 20 degrees and no rain, this little cottage is so homely and secluded that we are unable to hear a peep of noise except for the peaceful sea breeze.


We plan our day ahead and take advantage of the fine weather by getting out nice and early with a day planned at the Booderee National Park. Booderee in the Dhurga language of the region means ‘bay of plenty’. The Booderee Botanical Gardens are the only Aboriginal-owned Botanic Gardens in Australia and are known as a centre for interpreting plant uses by local Aboriginal people. We enjoy the park and it’s wildlife but are scared off after sighting a snake in the bush and take this as our cue to move on.


We visit Jervis Bay Village, although small it has 250 residing in the town and is classified as the largest town in Jervis Bay Territory. It is an Aboriginal community town with few houses, a police station, convenient store, bottle shop and the main attraction being HMAS Creswell Royal Australian Navy base.

Our next landmark is the ruined Cape St George Lighthouse that is perched on the edge of spectacular cliffs offering magical views of the sea. In season this space offers whale-watching migrations however we happened to be here in the off-season.


After taking in the sites, we head for the famous Murray’s beach that looks out over Bowen Island. It is an attractive, clean and well-maintained stretch of beach that is filled with tourists relaxing and swimming in the pristine waters. We join the numbers in the water and absorb the sun on offer today.


After seeing all we need to in Booderee National Park we head home to take Penelope for a walk on Nelsons dog beach. We crazily let her off the leash and she ran for the waves almost drowning. Lesson 101 don’t allow her off the leash at the beach again. It’s so peaceful spending a couple of hours by the beach walking and relaxing by the waves.


A few people had given us the red hot tip for a great seafood restaurant called Blue Bottles but when we asked Peter, the host of our cottage, he said it’s shut down. It was brilliant for six months then all of a sudden closed down. Bit bummed as I’d been looking forward to this seafood spread and being the preggers mama, I’d been banking up all my seafood points to splurge on it tonight. Peter recommends another restaurant called Wild Ginger, an Asian infused cuisine so we head there instead.


Our dessert is a bubble gum ice cream. Do you remember these as a kid? Every single time I had an ice cream by the beach, it was this. The first taste brings back all those childhood memories and I’m colour crushing on this beauty too.


Another wild night and in bed by 10pm.. x

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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