For the love of the fatherland, Cyprus

For the love of..

The fatherland, Cyprus.

Same deal today. Yes still flying. Only difference is a lay over in Dubai. Distracted by the comfort of the lounge and being preoccupied by the Middle Eastern cuisine we leave getting to Terminal C15 later than we should. For those who haven’t been to Dubai Airport – it’s a beast. Must have it’s own postcode.

We have fifty minutes until our plane departs, this would be ok if we were at one end of Melbourne Airport and needed to get to the other but Dubai airport is another story. The distance is probably equivalent to walking from Sydney to Melbourne in fifty minutes. Ok I’m kidding but you get what I mean.

We all agree that Paul runs up ahead, because he is going to be our hero and somehow stop the plane from leaving. I guess we have to try and do what we can in these situations. Anton runs pushing a trolley with the luggage and I run with the Raff in the Ergo, in jeans and Birkenstocks. Worst – Ever –Running – Attire.

CAN NOT believe we made this flight. It was at least a three-kilometre run to get here. We are all pouring sweat – Imagine how good we smell right now? But we are on the plane for our second and final leg from Dubai to Larnaca.

This next three and a half hour flight is less exciting for the Raff and in return, us too. It’s been about 24 fours hours since we were at home so I can’t blame her for simply being over it, restless and unsettled.

Touch down, finally. We are all so excited by the warm weather and crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the the fatherland of Cyprus. YAY! Europe is our home for the next month.

Arriving in Larnaca at 1030am to 34 degrees, a driver and the plane ride behind us – things couldn’t get much better than this right now. It’s easy street to our stay; The Flamingo Hotel situated just opposite the beach and about a fifteen minute walk along the beach to the main city of Larnaca. It’s wise to stay a little out of the main event so we are forced to see the outskirts too.

Must admit I’ve got a bit of a crush on this hotel with its pretty flamingo wallpaper and blush pink exterior.

Raff is so pumped to see a cot, she is busting her chops to get in and have a sleep. We fight for dibs on the shower – is the shower after a long flight not the most sort after shower in the World? Gee, it’s good.

Our afternoon slipped away as we explored the beach town and a stroll along the waterfront.

We received a tip that Zephyros is the place for traditional seafood spread and we satisfy our hunger pains with this delicious food.

A couple of bottles of Keo the Cypriot beer see us in bed by 7pm. I know you’re thinking, what massive party animals but jetlag got us. Good Night.. x

*We’ve got another five weeks of this trip to share with you – More posts will be added weekly so pop by again..x 


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