For the love of Red Hill

For the love of…

Good Friday at Red Hill

I wake up at the crack. 5am actually. Busting for the loo but I hold it in fear of waking everyone else, until I can’t hold it any longer. Wish I just went for a wee when I first woke because no one heard a pee – peep I mean. What a waste of a bladder work out, holding that one in. 

Anyway, Morning. I’m awake early. So much sleep last night and the bed was super comfy. No external noises with being in the middle of the bush. Bliss. 

It’s Good Friday – a special day for us Christians commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. An important day to remember over a public holiday. 

Nearing on 730. Raff is talking away to herself – counting from one to ten and going through yesterday’s schedule, reminiscing over Billie Dean and seeing the kangaroos hop through the park at Arthur’s Seat. Anton snores away next to me. 

Before long everyone’s up. I draw back the curtains and we soak in the morning mist from the magical gardens just outside our room. 

We make our way down the hallways and passed many garden areas, all as precious and well groomed as each other. Raff spots the pool. Good luck getting out of that one Papa – you are on pool duty. We all know when a toddler gets something in there head – there’s no letting it go.


We continue onto breakfast. Have heard rave reviews about the restaurant here so I’m sure this morning’s spread will be divine. Bet you’re thinking, surely she’s still full from last night? Not even close kids. Ready to tackle another feed. Nom Nom. 

Breakfast was delicious with a good selection of hot and cold. The porridge and Bircher muesli together was a hit for me. Along with the fresh made juices and smoothies. A decent range of pastries, fruit, meats and cheeses. According to Anton coffee wasn’t bad either. 

Apart from the breakfast. The next best thing is the view out over the vineyards, which just this week had the nets taken off and the grapes cropped. What a beauty setting. Doubly blessed to have our table right at the bay window stealing the views to ourselves. 

Let’s not forget there’s a pool here. According to Raff its pool time. Firstly we decide to take in the gardens. The enchanted gardens. Rows of trees and archways protecting us from the light rain. We hop along the yellow brick road because you knew we are on the stage of the Wizard of Oz, right? Breath taking surrounds by the lake and peaceful sounds of nature. What a way to start the day. 

Pool time Papa. That’s exactly what we do. A good mum always forgets something, so I’ve forgotten the swimming nappies. All good – worse case scenario – a whoopsie in the pool. 

Junior nemo – like most kids is loving the morning splash with Papa. But as for me, I’m just beached whaled on the side dreaming of the setting we are surrounded by. 

Once the sharks have finished wetting their fins, we get back to the room for showers and a room tidy up. Nothing exciting to report about this bit – apart from Anton lightly flooding the bathroom. There was a towel on the floor in the shower, acting as a shower mat for Raff. Papa forgot to take it out for his shower. What can I say. These things happen. 

Another wee walk around the vineyards before check out. We Load up the car and take a 30 minute drive to Sorrento.  

We strategically passed on the Peninsula hot springs, we always do those when down this way. Now we are wishing we each did a session last night. Could have played tag teams for a tub soak while the Raff was asleep. 

We are travelling the back roads into Sorrento, which allows us to explore the beauty of nature and the hidden wineries. It’s phenomenal to see the up keep and effort that goes into servicing a large scale vineyard. Some of the nets over the grapes go for miles. 

En route we decide to stop and pick strawberries at Sunny Ridge strawberry farm but it’s closed. Boo Hoo but yay in a way because Raff has just fallen asleep. So it’s a last minute change of plans and we head straight for Phillip Island – it’s a two hour trip ahead. 

Traffic is packed out. Not surprised given it’s the long weekend and a one lane entrance into Phillip Island. 

Last minute stop in at San Remo, the town just before the bridge into Phillip Island. The co op by the water looks like an ideal fish and chip shop to have a late lunch / early dinner of fish for these good Catholic kids. We chase our feed down with a walk along the pier.

 We also take advantage of the supermarket and stock up on the necessities for our airbnb. Can’t go by the Easter egg hamper raffle either. Not that my teeth need it, I’ve been smashing Easter Eggs for breakfast since they hit the shelves in Feb. 

A walk along the water front leads us to the playground. The choc-a-block play ground. Of course we stop – anyone ever tried to avoid a stop off at the play ground once your kid has spotted it? Impossible right. 

We eventually make tracks our the bridge to the Island. Newhaven is where we are staying, which is just at the entrance. 

A quaint and very neat one bedroom unit awaits us. After unloading the car and taking an hour to figure out the port a cot. We sing nursery rhymes. Make puzzles. Read books and in between – glimpse at the footy – North vs Bulldogs. Although I’m a big fan of the Bulldogs these days. Who isn’t? Have to go for  North, it’s in the family. 

It’s a nice night to stay in – Raff is knackered and so are we actually. So we are in bed just after dark.. x

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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