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Easter Sunday at Churchill Island

I’ve woken at 530 to read the news that April the giraffe has FINALLY had her baby. OMGOSH I’ve been following this story for months and thinking it was only seconds away every time. Has anyone else been wondering when the hell April would give birth? It got me through the first few months of insomnia with my pregnancy – I’d watch April’s every move to see how far away her babe was.  So happy! Feel like I’ve just birthed my own child..


I sneak out of bed and set up the Easter egg hunt while Anton distracts Raff when she wakes. To make it a fun learning experience, I place the numbers of a puzzle from 1-15 with an Easter egg next to each number – these numbers lead to an “old car” outside in the garage, which Raff has been obsessed with since arriving. Inside the “old car” were a few toys from the Eastern Bunny. A wooden ice cream, pizza and tea cup set.

Raff was beside herself with this treasure hunt. How little minds work. Very sweet to watch! 

It was then hot cross buns and chocolate for breakfast and a quick rush to get ready for 9am mass at Cowes. 

As we are ready to take off. Papa starts the car – but no car starts! It’s been a bit funny the last few days when starting but today it is flat as a tack. So I call the RACV to save us and realise I didn’t switch the rego over. Our other car was written off about a month ago and I’ve been so busy following that up that I forgot to swap the RACV regos. Anyway! Rejoin fee is $160 because it’s an on the spot rejoin call out. Snooze. 

Got it all sorted after waiting an hour for the RACV. Sadly, missed mass. God gave us the week and we weren’t able to give him the hour. Turns out the battery is fine just a few loose cords that needed to be connected tighter. Bit strange since our car is only a week old. 

We make our way to Cape Kitchen, where we have booked for breakfast, on recommendation from my friend again – she’s done well so far. Onya bud. 

It’s a longish drive way in – not long for regional standards but long for the metro standards. The grounds and the front entrance of The Cape Restaurant are deceiving. It’s a wooden facade that hides a light filled spacious restaurant with incredible views over the bay. The space is everything you will need. 

I think – the quality of a restaurant can be determined by the interior and the outfits the floor staff are wearing. Should never judge a book by its cover but this restaurant theory has never once let me down. 

We are seated at a table by the window with the enjoyment of the views. The meals are carefully crafted with a bountiful supply of delicious fresh produce grown, harvested or made within a few hours of Phillip Island. 

I order the corn fritters. Anton the big breakfast and Raff the ricotta and orange hot cake with a fresh squeezed juice. Presentation is spot on and the meals are as yummy as expected. 

We take advantage of the outside views and play jumbo jenga. Also wondering if the Cape Kitchen outdoor setting will fit in my suitcase. The sea breeze is so refreshing and peaceful right now. 

Time to venture to the Churchill Heritage Farm Easter Festival (meant to be insane for the little people), which is on for the 9th annual Easter Fun Festival. It’s an Island hop from Phillip Island to Churchill Island, which has the first European garden in Victoria. The two islands are connected by a one way bridge.

The traditional Easter festival is entertainment for the whole family with old fashioned farming activities and demonstrations, live music on the festival lawn, entertainment and exclusive kids workshop and games area on Fiddlers Green, working draught horses and vintage caravans. AND of course an exciting Easter egg hunt. Lots of fun for all the fam. 

We could have spent days here but a busy morning has meant it’s home time for a sleep, before heading along to see the penguins tonight.

Good advice to arrive at the penguin show by 5pm, even though the penguins don’t come out until dusk. Easter night is apparently the busiest night of the year – even though every night is almost a sell out. If only these little penguins knew how famous they are.

Despite being so busy with people flocking in the thousands to view the penguin parade, it’s a well oiled rig. We were close to the front of the line but when the doors open allowing visitors to follow the board walk towards the viewing area – it’s game on – tourist’s go running for front row seats. The viewing area is similar to a massive grand stand, allowing for everyone to get a decent view.


It was at least an hour wait until the first penguin appeared from the water, which sounded a bit nightmarish initially with a toddler but Raff handled herself like a true champion – the ocean and millions of people as distraction definitely helped.

We followed advice not to spend too much time watching the penguins from the beach and to spend time on the boardwalk. Once we saw the first batch come from the water we headed for the boardwalk to see the penguins up close as they headed for their burrows. Well worth watching this experience also.

Would have been a bit disappointed if the penguin show was sold out before we got our tickets. Definitely a must do in Phillip Island.

Back to our abode for one last night. We eat the scraps from the fridge for dinner as everything is closed being Easter Sunday – didn’t plan that too well but luckily we got some tucker into us. When Raff went down we pack up our the bags, with plans to make tracks early in the morning. We will be home to Melbourne by 10am to beat all the traffic.

Until next holiday.. x

Anna Owens is the founder of ownsit! A mama working in Community Development and Partnerships Education. Anna is a colour crazy, creativity enthusiast who loves to design, collect shoes, eat & travel.. x

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