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Meet EttaVee

Chats with EttaVee

Meet artist and designer Jessi Raulet, if you don't know her by name, you'll definitely know her by brand - Etta Vee. Popular for her hand painted, vibrant brush strokes on glass and fruit. Etta Vee is the power house of bold colour with each piece created an absolute show stopper.

Pictures of Jessi the face behind EttaVee

We can also thank Jessi, for the brush stroke of warm and bright hues on our Saturn Returns Collection. Blues, burgundy, purples and pink with a splash of white create the perfect blend for our latest design. Jessi has invited us all to Paris, to sit on her balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower to enjoy champagne or Laduree tea  and fresh croissants and to have this chat with her.

Saturn returns collection jacket images. Fabric print is by EttaVee

Jessi Raulet, you are the talent behind EttaVee. Tell us about yourself?

Firsty, I just want to say how honoured I am to have worked on this collaboration with ownsit! Your talent is an inspiring force for all of us girl bosses out there.

Hi everyone I’m Jessi! I’m a 31 year old American artist, wife and mom, currently living in Paris. I’m a lover of all things colorful, sparkly and optimistic! My work is inspired by nature’s color palettes, travel adventures, pop culture and unexpected pops of color.

What is the meaning behind the EttaVee brand?

The EttaVee brand is a celebration of all things colorful and optimistic! The name EttaVee itself is an homage to my two grandmothers; CharlesEtta and Janie Vee.

How would you describe your style?

Inspiring, colorful, playful and inviting!

EttaVee artist images






Best tip for creatives striving for a career as an Artist?

Be specific with your ultimate goals and create actionable steps to achieve it!

What was your inspiration behind the design that is now on ownsit! Apparel?

Sometimes my color combinations are deliberate and other times they come to me based on the mood i’m in when creating it. For this piece I was inspired by ethereal galaxy imagery and the northern lights.

Saturn returns artwork by EttaVee






You are a mum. How do you manage the juggle between mum and business life?

I’m so very grateful that I’m able to work from home and work for myself! Not only am I able to manage my own schedule, but I get to see my little one grow up :) Like many other mothers, I maximize working while she naps time during the day, but often stay up late so I can keep up with my projects.

Who have been some of your past clients?

I currently have an amazing collaboration with stellar Australian brand Rollie Nation! I’ve also teamed up with FabFitFun, Pottery Barn Teen and have many new exciting projects in the works, that I can’t wait to share. I love lending my happy pops of color to products and brands!

No one does colour better than you do. What is your favourite colour and why?

I love a good deep orange! It’s warm, friendly and unexpected. I also love pairing navy blue with metallic gold. The contrast between the two makes my heart sing!

Because we love food, can you tell us your three favourite foods?

Oh goodness, I too LOVE food and it doesn’t help that i’m married to a pastry chef - haha! I love all things pasta (I go overboard when in Italy), Caramel beurre salé and fresh tomatoes - not all together ;)

EttaVee Food artwork

Lastly. What’s your fav quote?

“Il y a des fleurs partout pour qui veut bien les voir.” - Henri Matisse

Now in English: “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.” - Henri Matisse

Thanks so much for chatting with us Jessi, aside from being incredibly talented you are an absolute delight to deal with making this collaboration so enjoyable. Oh and we would have to agree this quote is a fav. Keep on blooming.. x